Next season’s Copa del Rey final will be played at the end May 6, 2023, one week later than originally planned and agreed. The reason for the postponement of the meeting is that it coincides with the last Saturday of the April Fair in Seville, one of the most important days of the year in the Andalusian capital.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation has announced that it will propose the change to its management. Delegate CommissionHe is responsible for calendar-related issues and stressed that the change has LaLiga’s approval, an issue that is not trivial given the usual conflict between both institutions.

From the end of 2020 (played in 2021 due to the pandemic) and at least until 2024, the Sevillian La Cartuja stadium is the designated venue for the match that crowns the Spanish football champion. Real Sociedad, FC Barcelona and Real Betis just a month and a half ago were crowned therereigning champion.

In recent years, the month of April has been chosen to play the final, and for this season, heavily conditioned by the World Cup held in November and December in Qatar, the final was held on Saturday, April 29, according to the schedule agreed between the two countries. different football agents.

The problem with the date was that it coincided with the last Saturday of the April Fair, which created two problems. The first was on the subject availability and increased prices of hotel rooms Given the city’s huge demand before two events of this magnitude.


The other challenge was security. According to Efe details, a device was exhibited at the last fair. 1,500 National Police agents and 500 other Local PoliceDuring the security operation for the Cup final on April 23, played by Betis and Valencia, about 2,000 police It is distributed almost 50% between the two organs. Mobility and cleanliness were two other concerns of local authorities.

One of the proposals of Seville City Council was to postpone the final to April 15 before the start of the Fair, but this is about with a week Champions Y Europa League, which made it impossible. The other proposed date was the one that was finally accepted: May 6th.

There was the issue that that day was the 33rd day of LaLiga devoted to the debate. A challenge to be resolved in the near future, but this It shouldn’t be too complicated.only have to find a date for league matches played by two finalists.