Conservative rebels are not giving up and hope to get rid of Johnson within weeks or months.

Boris Johnson knows classical languages ​​and knows what’s what. ‘Pyrus victory’. As much as he celebrated on Monday night, after he had passed his internal dissent, the result (in his opinion extremely good, positive, firm, determined”) demonstrated the strength of the vanquished and the weakness of the prime minister. Johnson is not in danger, but rather irreversibly injured.

rebels They don’t give up, they don’t lose hope of being forced to leave within weeks or months.“I’ll make a prediction. At this year’s Party conference we will have a new Prime Minister and a new Conservative leader,” one of the rebels, MP Andrew Bridge, dared to bet. His prediction matches those of Jon Tonge, professor of British politics at the University of Liverpool. The “I would have been surprised if I had been prime minister in the fall,” he told the Guardian newspaper. “I would have given it six months. The prudent Tonge didn’t want his fingers caught because he knew the character’s trajectory. If anyone can stand it, it’s Johnson. He is the biggest political escapist among political escapists.”

turn the page

This Tuesday, Johnson convened the cabinet as usual. He took the cameras in at the beginning of the meeting, which started by thanking everyone for the good work done on Monday. The result of the vote “allows us to turn the page, leaving behind what our competitors want to talk about so we can talk about what people want to talk about.”

“Turn the page” was the word of the day. It was repeated on television and radio by the Minister of Justice and the Deputy Prime Minister, Dominic RaabAs the Head of Foreign Affairs, Liz Cagefor whom “it’s time to move forward by focusing on what people want from us: housing, childcare and lower taxes.”

Most of the ministers are siding around the leader for now. There are no signs of resignation or opposition that would warrant his resignation. Cabinet reshuffle will be in emergency plans According to Johnson’s allies, to ‘clean up’ and get rid of those who are not faithful enough. One of those in danger is Interior Minister Priti Patel, one of the most controversial figures in the government and who has been seen keeping her distance from the prime minister.

Northern Ireland Protocol

The fragile domestic situation of Johnson’s leadership is alarming beyond British borders. with disagreement Northern Ireland Protocol He grows to resolve his fear that he will try to harden his position in order to strengthen his position in the ‘Tories’. “If the British prime minister or government decides that he must take a decision to maintain support in the Party, harder line with Brexit“Or the Northern Ireland Protocol and these splits in the Conservative Party and the British government will have an impact on Ireland,” said Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney. “And of course we’re worried.” At this time, the proposal to abandon parts of the protocol has been postponed. The legislation was supposed to be introduced this Wednesday, but apparently controversial text not ready yet.

Brexit and the Protocol issue is just one of the open fronts that Johnson has to face. The closest impact on his crumbling authority may come from a double defeat in the June 23 partial elections to renew the two Conservative-held seats. One is in Wakefield, at the so-called “red wall,” and the other is in Tiverton & Honiton, in a rural and traditionally conservative area of ​​Devon.

“After these elections, there will be people who have been misled about their ability to win the elections and they will eventually understand from the chaos we find ourselves in,” one Conservative MP said. “It’s never too late to change the rules” added. Existing rules prevent the re-presentation of an internal no-confidence motion against the party leader for one year. The possibility of changing this rule is one of the current discussions at Westminster.

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