Spokesperson of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Patricia Beach, refused to evaluate Aragon government’s “what happened” and “one-sided proposals” He briefed on the Winter Olympics and urged the COE to clarify as soon as possible how the nomination will ultimately turn out. As he made these statements, another unsuccessful conversation was taking place between the COE and the Spanish, Aragon and Catalan governments.

During the telematics meeting, which lasted about an hour, COE chief Alejandro Blanco, the ‘consellera’ of the Presidency, Laura VilagraSecretary General for Culture, Victor Franks, and the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Philip Faci. Second, he raised the distribution offer in batches, insisting that alpine skiing tests were “indispensable” for Aragon.

Sources from the Generalitat explained that Vilagrà recalled at this point that at the first meeting held about 11 months ago, it was decided that alpine skiing would take place in Catalonia. ‘Consellera’ disproves the theory of separation by parties and gender. The said sources, who said, “Enough is enough,” pointed out that since Aragon abandoned the agreed technical agreement (54 tests in Aragon territory and 24 tests in Catalan territory), they have submitted a new offer every day. “Three weeks ago the three valleys were so important, now they’re giving us a surreal package with alpine skiing and a new sport that will be Olympic, without knowing which one. It’s like starting from scratch.”

In this sense, the Generalitat, seeing that there is no progress yet for the joint candidacy, has shown its willingness to go to the vote it announced. Alexander White Last week, it was the COE assembly that decided that day between Granada and Jaca, and between Madrid and Seville, as well as a bid from Catalonia and Aragon.

white defends himself

“If they don’t agree, there are insurmountable differences and it’s impossible to reach a compromise because frankly we can’t present the candidacy in the way we propose,” Blanco said on TV3 before the meeting. “We must do it quickly because we are already too late. and most importantly, we’ve reached a point where we’re not making progress”.

The COE chief, scheduled to appear on Monday, has opposed the darts he’s received from Aragon (he is branded as a Catalan “political commissioner”) in recent weeks. advocating “impartial and independent” administration. Taking advantage of the brutality of the attacks, the former judoka said that bringing up the lack of consensus to confront the independence movement was “a mistake that will have consequences because it cannot continue like this”, and that the issue is “politics of interest”.