this Monaco GP continues to queue Hours after Sergio Pérez won the Principality. According to the FIA, first the start of the race was delayed due to an electrical fault, then the allegations that Ferrari stepped on the yellow line at the pit exit, two Red Bulls and now Mercedes carry your anger against Fernando Alonso For the speed he gets during the race to “manage the tyres,” as the alpine racer comments after the race.

Hamilton and Toto Wolff annoyed by Alonso

It’s true that they didn’t have an easy moment at Mercedes, but this hamilton He’s not in the best shape either.. Proof of this are George Russell’s spectacular results with the same W13: the only driver to score in all races and always be in the TOP 5.

In the Principality, Hamilton didn’t have a great race and didn’t get beyond eighth. Everything and the British driver was classified far from his partner, staying behind Fernando Alonso’s A522. Asturian pilot chose to deal with tires Alpini to avoid another pit stop that would doom him to the bottom of the grid. It should not be forgotten that in the games played this season, the A522 is one of the cars that broke its tires the most. While it is no less true that Monaco is not the most aggressive track with batters.

This strategy Alonso had all the cars behind him stranded on a train., beyond 45 seconds of the leading group. So much so that Lando Norris had an extra freestop that allowed him to get the fastest lap and steal from an Alonso who showed his true speed on the final laps. However, there were two mains affected, Ocon lagging behind the other Alpin for the five-second penalty after his contact with Hamilton and the British.

you had to be your boss toto wolff Whoever came to complain and defend Alonso’s strategy: “Once again, one lesson we need to take from this track is that people can’t ride horses. five seconds slower than the speed of a procession. It’s a great event and a show, but it would be nice if the race could be on the same level.” hamilton: “Who knows? Maybe we could have jumped… I don’t know. There’s absolutely no use getting stuck behind someone (Alp). To be honest, I don’t find it annoying. This is what you expect in Monaco. I knew that once I qualified behind one of them, everything would be the same as before.”

Alonso defended himself

The Asturian pilot told what happened after the race. At first he gave the impression that he had a problem with the car, then he increased his pace and achieved the partial fastest lap. However, already in mixed territory for DAZN mics, he was honest about his strategy: “I wasn’t optimistic about covering the 33 laps in yellow (mid), I’ve done quite a few tire management and I was faster when they told me Ocon had a five-second penalty. Hamilton no longer had tires or the ‘mood’ to go faster. I think he got a little angry

one more fight

After all these seasons in Formula 1, Hamilton and Alonso are much more than old foes. In fact, with Sebastian Vettel and after the departure of Kimi Raikkonen, in addition to the defending champion Verstappen, the Briton and Spaniard are the other world champions remaining on the grid. Entering to revive Everything that happened at McLaren Mercedes in the 2007 season Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis.

One of the biggest disagreements of that season was precisely at Monaco. Moreover, sports fans remember this as the beginning of the chaos at McLaren – Mercedes. At least that’s how one of the people on the team who experienced it, like Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, the tester of the Woking team, explained it this way. “Things started going wrong before ‘Spygate’, because people think that… but that was the tip of the iceberg,” he said in an intermission on the official Formula 1 podcast. He managed the temperature of the brakes as he had a problem in the last 20 laps. Most teams in Monaco had this problem back then. I don’t think the team told Hamilton they were going to finish the race like that. He wanted to win and then everything went wrong, Alonso was told that Lewis had to win.“.

De la Rosa, now DAZN F1 commentator, continues to remember Asturian’s reaction and confirms what one of the McLaren board of directors told him:No, but they dropped it. ‘The boy was faster than you’. This made Alonso very angry, because with the data it could be as fast as two seconds. This was the beginning of the end. Fernando realized they didn’t realize how smart their management was.”

However, this was not the last encounter of this kind between the two. For example, without going any further Despite fighting for diametrically opposed goals in 2021, they already had their pros and cons.. Formula 1 spectators experienced a duel between two world champions, typical of the previous decade. There’s no doubt about Hamilton and Alonso’s abilities, and when they both want to fight and compete, sparks fly around the track, not just because of the cars rubbing against the asphalt.

Hungary 2021 left a beautiful war between the two When Alonso held Hamilton for several laps. With a much slower Alpine than Mercedes, the Asturian held Hamilton back, preventing his first-place comeback from happening, and handing his first career victory to teammate Esteban Ocon in return. In this case, the Mercedes driver complained on the radio about Alonso’s maneuvers. “It’s dangerous to do this at these speeds!“Hamilton shouted over the radio to his team.

After the race, the Spaniard again answered him on the DAZN microphone: “I made the same mistakes in the last three corners and I couldn’t get ahead, but I knew every lap I passed was gold for victory“.