In what seems to be the most recurring rivalry in tennis history, the one facing the Serbs Novak Djokovic with spanish Raphael Nadalfailed to present any news, there will be one in episode 59: They will be measured on clay for the first time at night in Paris.

Since Roland Garros The night shift was invented two years ago, which allowed it to earn more money for tickets and television rights, programming prestigious posters became an obsession of the organizers.

Since 15 of the last 17 games in the quarterfinals have been drawn by the winner, this series will have the most attractive giveaway, the most anticipated game of the series.

Television pressure was superior to entice the Spaniards. little friend of the night game in clay.

“I prefer to play during the day. I know this tournament during the day, that’s how I’ve played my whole career. (…) It may be my last game at Roland Garros and I would like to play it during the day.”

The sentimental letter from the Spaniard had no business impact, nor did the French public television, which broadcast the day’s duels, put on the table his claim. A match of this size should not be given in pay channels.

But Amazon has reacted, and exceptionally, Nadal-Djokovic version 59 will be free.

The Serbian’s argument was incomplete, who already said he didn’t care and even “depending on the opponent, it might be beneficial for him to go with the starry sky”. It goes without saying that he is better against Nadal at night.

Sentence: world number one and 13-time champion Faces will be seen for the first time at night at Roland Garros.

Nadal had already warned. the Serbian would do better in that duel, With more shots, after nine consecutive victories that led him to lift his title at Rome and make it to the quarterfinals without giving up a set.

Djokovic’s favorite

For the second time, the Spaniard stated, its most usual rival is the favorite in this scenario, Just like in 2015, when Djokovic first beat a physically exhausted Nadal on clay in Paris. “The rest of the duels or I was a little bit more favourite, or 50-50,” he said.

The script now looks pretty much the same. The Spaniard arrived without shooting on the clay due to injuries that allowed him to play only in Rome. An injury to his foot prevented him from fully competing.

Djokovic. EFE

After being shaken in the round of 16 by Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime, who pushed him into five games for the third time in his career, before his tennis had time to oil him, star clash comes too soon. Sets at Roland Claws.

The opposite of world number one, imperial in each of his previous four duels, without losing a set, without alarming symptoms.

The Serb is chasing the third crown in Paris and incidentally, Pair exactly 21 wonders with Nadal on the stage that gave the Spaniards their greatest victory.

All indications point to Djokovic’s victory over Nadal by 31, third in ten duels at Roland Garros, ninth of 28 in clay, and second in a row after the semi-final at Philippe Chatrier last year.

But the statistics between these two contenders are relative, especially given the evidence that Nadal was reborn when he was left to die.