Mamaev’s ex-wife said that the football player plans to reduce the amount of child support again.

Pavel and Alana Mamaev have been together since 2013. The wife waited for the football player from prison in the pre-trial detention center and the colony, where in 2018 she ended up with Alexander Kokorin after a fight in one of the capital’s cafes, but their marriage was not ideal. Despite the common daughter, the football player often cheated on his wife, adding evidence, which Alana mentions on social networks.

The final point in the marital relationship of Pavel and Alana was the football player’s romance with the Spanish Irene Garcia, whom the model no longer forgives the football player. They divorced in the spring of 2021. Initially, it was reported that property and alimony issues for his daughter Alice would be resolved amicably, but a year later several court hearings were held about the amount of payments that the actor had to give to his ex-wife for raising a child.

In 2021, some time after the divorce, the court decided that Mamaev should pay 1/3 of her salary for the care of Alina.

This formula did not suit the football player and he appealed, after which on April 27, 2022, the court decided that the player should pay alimony only 1/6 of his income.

Also, the Presnensky Court of Moscow approved a settlement agreement on the case of the Khimki midfielder against his ex-wife on determining the procedure for communicating with a little girl.

“The period of adaptive communication with the boy’s father, Mamaev Pavel Konstantinovich, was determined, the communication procedure between the child and the father was determined: by phone every day until 20:00, every weekend from 10.00 to 20.00 on Saturday. Sunday, every Wednesday from 18.30 to 20.30, every winter New Year’s holidays from 12.00 on January 2 to 20.00 on the penultimate day of the New Year holidays, ”Moscow City News Agency cites the words of a representative of the Presnensky press service. Court.

It looked like the story should end there, as the court accepted the player’s appeal. However, on May 17, Alana Mamaeva wrote on social networks that her ex-husband plans to further reduce the amount of alimony.

“Want a news? It turns out that you can break the bottom 1000 times! It never happened, and here it is again. Big “daddy Mamaev” decided to further reduce alimony for his daughter. 1/6 is too much for him, “said the woman.

Such an act of Mamaev can be dictated, among other things, by the fact that she will soon have another child. After the divorce, the football player was not alone for long: already in December 2021, the host of the NadI Points YouTube show made an offer to Nadezhda Sanko, and a wedding was played in January 2022.

Now the wife of a football player is in the last months of her pregnancy. After the April hearing, Sanko accused Mamaeva of allegedly receiving money Pavel sent to her daughter.

“We will not pay Alan anything. It is crazy to give him money. Nobody will give this woman a single ruble. Who will pay him anything? And Pasha’s daughter – whatever he sees fit. Whatever he decides. Under the guise of a child, a person when he wants to fall into addiction and be supported by himself and his relatives, those who live together – sorry, this will not happen. Supporting a child is one thing, but being supported by the child himself is already another, ”Starhit quotes the new wife of the football player.

At the same time, Mamaev’s desire to further reduce alimony can be attributed to the fact that the football player risks being clubless already in the summer transfer window.

On December 21, 2021, it became known that the football player moved from Rostov to Khimki near Moscow. The player made his debut for the new club on February 26 in the 19th round of the Russian Premier League – in a match against Dynamo Moscow (0:3), but was unable to score and received an injury, because he was later replaced. first half.

Mamaev cured the injury for a month and twice applied for the championship games in April, but did not enter the field against CSKA (4:2) or Samara Krylia Sovetov (4:1). Mamaev also did not go to the match of the 29th round of the national championship against Rostov by decision of the medical center of the club near Moscow.

Thus, Mamaev played only one match for Khimki, and now the extension of his contract seems a dubious prospect for the Moscow Region club. Regarding the contracts of Mamaev and Yuri Zhirkov, Roman Teryushkov, a deputy of the Russian State Duma and member of the Khimki Supervisory Board, said that the decision will be made after the end of the season.

“After the Spartak game, which is the last game of this season, we will be considering new contracts for Zhirkov and Mamaev. We will look at the conditions, the wishes of the players and the position of the coaching staff. Now we have agreed that we will not discuss anything until we complete the task. So everything after May 21, ”Sport24 quotes Teryushkov.

At the end of April 2022, the court ruled that midfielder Pavel Mamaev must pay alimony in the amount of 1/6 of his entire income to his daughter Alisa, who was born in marriage to Alana Mamaeva. But according to his ex-wife, the actor is now demanding to further reduce the amount of payment.

Source: Gazeta


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