TSJCV appoints magistrates to decide on the impeachment of Oltra

Valencia’s Supreme Court of Justice’s Civil and Criminal Division has set up the court, which should soon decide whether to plead guilty to Consell vice-president Mónica Oltra’s charge of the Ministry of Equality’s negligent act. Especially when it comes to abuses committed by her ex-husband against a minor who was protected by the Generalitat while working as an educator.

In an order procedure made public by the supreme court, the Chamber reports on the composition of the court in question, which will include the head of the TSJCV, Pilar de la Oliva, the magistrate Antonio Ferrer as rapporteur and the former anti-corruption officer. Prosecutor Vicente Torres.

Against this decision, a re-examination can be appealed within three days.

Qualifying as Deputy for Les Corts, Oltra’s charge was brought by the Valencia 15th Criminal Court of First Instance, which is currently investigating thirteen people. neglect of guardianship and protection of a young person under guardianship He was told by the Generalitat that he had been sexually abused by a caregiver at the center where he lived, and that he was Oltra’s husband at the time.

At the end of the abusive process against Oltra’s ex-husband, the minor victim, who was legally represented by a historic leader of Spain 2000 and popularly represented by Vox, initiated a lawsuit against the Ministry for alleged negligence. to determine whether there was any crime in the preparation of the internal report – which discredited its version – on what happened with the custody and protection duty.

The investigating judge considers the conduct of the Department heads to be suspicious, especially those who ordered and carried out what has been described as follows. attorney’s order.

Likewise, he considers that “there was no real will in the Ministry to clarify the facts, but rather to conceal them by the mere appearance of actions aimed at enlightening them”.

The Valencia high court must decide whether it will agree to continue to process the case as set out at the beginning of Order 15, accept the part that relates exclusively to the role Oltra may have, or reject this petition.

Source: Informacion


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