The Benicalap pavilion was one of the few things where the Meriton project fit and fell in line with the City Council’s plans. but for Meriton the economic reality is far away. At least that’s what it seems Conversations that SUPERDEPORTE provides access to, The media, owned by the same editorial group Prensa Ibérica as this newspaper, shares an audio series about New Mestalla, the topic of sports and the highlights of the club’s future.

“We will give the sports center to someone else, in the original plan. We pay 5.7 plus VAT. They want a 9 million sports center. give ’em i pay 5.7“, explains the head of the institution. According to Anil Murthy’s speeches, “fuck them” refers to the neighbors.

Still surprising, though not so much. Listen to the words of the president of the institution that he tried to cut the 9 million payment that was discussed with the politicians. In short, one of the projects that they try to sit down and come to terms with, as always, and that are in good harmony with each other, finds a problem in the change in Meriton’s roadmap.

The price reduction from 9 million to 5.7 is further proof that the business sees itself in a capable and powerful position with Generalitat and the City Council, Because they are buildings that logically do a favor for Valencia. But not at any price.

In this sense, institutions have tried to comply with the ‘agreed’ and reach the prices discussed before and which should not be changed. At least not as Meriton wanted, which is without consultation or dialogue. This statement makes this very clear. “They want a 9 million sports center. Let them give it. I pay 5.7”.