head Valencia CF, Anil Murthy has denied the statements using the club’s website – not always – but has yet to comment to Mestalla’s fans. What the new Mestalla is, why the works were delayed and what its ‘super project’ consists of. Anıl Murthy points out that it was the lawyers who stopped him in the speeches that Superdeporte reached.. “I was going to hold a press conference, but the lawyers say ‘careful’: now is not the time to start a war,” says the party’s chairman.

Again, as in other audio recordings previously revealed by SUPERDEPORTE, a media belonging to the Prensa Ibérica publishing group, like this newspaper, Anil Murthy blames the politicians and emphasizes that the New Mestalla has not started yet because of all this. to them. “They set up more traps. The meeting was this: We have all this, what more do you want? They are telling me nonsense. They want to change seats. I was going to hold a press conference to explain this as the project is a crazy business. 13 years later, if it’s that easy… But here we go, about to begin. Now they’re laying traps“, Explain.

The fact is, Meriton, where Anil Murthy is at the helm at this time, as Peter Lim is in Singapore and there is no trace of him in Valencia, has not been able to present a project that meets the standards demanded by the institutions.

Despite all this, The President emphasizes in his speeches that he saw the work and the start of the matches in the feudal lordship of Cortes Valencianas. “I want to start soon. Unless it’s for the 24/25 season. If we don’t have to wait for the 25/26,” says Valencia CF’s president in the city.