Pittsburgh coach Sullivan described Malkin as the talent of a generation.

Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan praised Russian forward Evgeni Malkin’s performance against the New York Rangers (3:5) in Game 4 of the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs. His words are conveyed by the official Web site leagues.

“Geno is the talent of a generation, he’s a truly talented man. I think he made a strong game tonight. We feel like we’re deep in this position and we have everything we need to win no matter who is on our roster,” he said.

Recall that Pittsburgh opened the score in the 11th minute of the meeting. Jake Gyuntsel knocked on Igor Shesterkin’s doors. In the second period, Chris Letang increased his team’s advantage. But after that, the hosts came to work and within three minutes upset the opponent three times. In one of the scoring attacks, the Russian striker of Rangers Artemy Panarin took part. He made an assist. In total, in the playoffs of the tournament, the Russian managed to get six points (2 + 4). A few seconds after Jacob Truba’s goal, the same Gyuntsel upset Shesterkin again and regained the balance.

After that, only Rangers representatives scored. With 15 seconds left in the meeting, Ryan Lindgren set the final score at 5:3 in favor of the New York Rangers.

After this match, the series is 3-2 in favor of Pittsburgh. The next match between the teams will be played on 14 May.

Previously reportedMalkin came close to Burke in career points in the NHL playoffs.

Source: Gazeta


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