Finnish Government supports Scandinavian country’s entry into NATO

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Social Democrat Sanna Marin support for Scandinavian country entry this Thursday NATOin a historic decision that overturns more eight years of discord.

“Finland should apply to join NATO without delay. We hope that the steps still necessary at the national level to take this decision will be taken rapidly in the coming days, the two leaders said in a joint statement.” , , Scandinavian country stronger military alliance.

Both leaders retained secretly their positions so far so as not to influence The public debate over NATO was revived after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We needed time for the parliament and the whole society to determine their stance on this issue. We also wanted to establish close international relations with NATO and its member states and Sweden. give the discussion the space it needs‘, they pointed.

This decisive step gives a strong impetus to the accession process in Finland, as security and defense policy is a shared mandate by the President and the Executive Board.

Now All that remains is the rest of the coalition government and the official support of Eduskunta (Parliament). To formalize the application for admission is something that could happen in the next few days, given the broad consensus that exists among political parties.

Source: Informacion


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