A commission agent from Zaragoza banked for millionaire scam for 200 respirators

On March 21, 2020, Aragonese were imprisoned for a week to try to fight covid-19, which in just 24 hours left 5,000 new cases in Spain and 324 deaths, 22 of which were in the community. That day an incoming businessman Zaragoza The head of employers from Aragon was offered to import 200 ventilators from Turkey. Chinese It was to be donated to the Aragon Health Service. He wouldn’t do it for free, instead he charged a fee. 91,836 euro commission for undelivered material And now this successful person will stand before the Provincial Court for a fraud charge, for which he faces four years in prison.

According to the investigation, in the heat of the maximum health emergency, the architect of this fraud was Francisco CO., the sole director of the company based in the Aragonese capital, Mingta Asian Global Commerce SL. It had its own structure in China, with three offices in the cities of Ningbo, Schenzhem and Hong Kong, a human team of 17 professionals, and a financial structure in both the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. But none of this would be true because the Spanish limited company He signed a contract with the Chinese that allowed him to use his name but nothing more.Schenzen Mingta Import & Export Company Limited is not part of the group of companies.

Under this guise, Ricardo Mur, already the former chairman of the CEOE in Aragon, aroused no doubt, was responsible for the CREA Foundation and managed to channel donations from more than 150 companies to almost a value. 5 million euros used to purchase medical supplies donated to health. “Our company is dedicated to the management of purchases, not the commercialization of products. Asian giant, but there are such products among the goods we work with and considering the demand and alert situation, I contact you because We are in contact with first-level manufacturers who will supply us. This was the message the defendant sent to Mur, which appeared in the legal case and to which El Periódico de Aragón had access.

After the exchange of Whatsapp and e-mail, on March 28, 2020, the businessman sent a pro forma invoice of $ 3.3 million. They received the transfer order the same day. “We made the payment yesterday,” said the former president of the Aragonese employers’ association to the successful person, and he replied: “For a company of our group everything is fully guaranteed“.

The money was received by the company in exchange for 200 ACM812 model respirators, but according to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Aragon Government, which is prosecuting, “the Chinese company that received the money had nothing to do with Fernando CO and did not have access to the manufacturer when collecting the transfers”. If the CREA Foundation had known, the trade barter would not have happened.

contract commission

What actually existed was that the defendant had an affair with the Asian company. the contract he received More than €91,000 commissions for contracts signed with the CREA Foundation. This was also unknown to Ricardo Mur.

The first bad news came on April 3rd. Defendant Mur claimed that Beijing Aerospace did not deliver 200 ventilators because The Chinese government has blocked the purchase of medical devices. Given the lack of delivery, Fernando CO suggested to buy 20 respirators from another company. It turns out that they were already at the airport with the authorization to leave, as it was more than an order from the UK offered by a third party to the company collecting the money. The same was worth $400,000 and they landed at Zaragoza Airport on April 15, but were not accepted by Health because did not meet the requirements It was established by the Spanish Government.

However, the operations did not end there. Allegedly, on behalf of and with the money of the CREA Foundation, he signaled 750,000 euros for 30 ventilators, which his employer ordered to be canceled when he learned that the previous ones were not approved.

In return, he delivered another type of material (six respirators, 100,000 KN95 masks, 200,000 vinyl gloves, 999,000 nitrile gloves) is worth $402,300. Fernando CO will sit on the bench for not returning the $1,066,631 or 879,827 Euros. He would claim that the money was blocked by the Chinese government, but that would not be true.

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