As in locating the promotion dispute to the LaLiga SmartBank, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) will support the team with the largest social base of any “play-off” in the province. promotion at their stadium. happened with last year badajoz (New Nursery), this was Coruna Sports (Riazor) and his time as president of the organization will be repeated in a few days with Rico Pérez. Luis Rubiales Make the schedules of the different qualifiers public, something that will happen soon.

Hercules just to show for their real needs capacity, the playground is just one of five people who have enough capacity to at least house its cardholders, who are close to 6,000 by the City Council this year. For this, an official Location requests to nearly 10,000 RFEFs.

The federation regulation says that stadiums will be “allocated according to the capacity needs of each club and will be awarded to the stadiums with the highest capacity for matches that show the greatest capacity need. The capacity needs of each match will be taken into account. sum of entries requested by each of the two contestants each of the four scheduled semi-finals.

Hercules plot to face promotion playoff

Hercules plot to face promotion playoff
Alex Dominguez

This means it’s clubs that need to calculate exactly how many passes they need for each match (they can charge more if they sell or distribute them all early enough) and therefore, to approve full amount. In addition, the RFEF clearly states in its regulation that “tickets are non-refundable once requested”.

If the amount per seat was 10 euros, Hercules would have to pay 100,000 to the Federation and then would return 33% of the proceeds to the club. The other two-thirds are split between the rival of Blue and White and the entity commanded by Rubiales. This price number of seats for promotion promotion and permanent promotion (also played in Alicante) Fixed from Madrid. The bank never loses.

The purpose of the property, “to encourage the largest possible flow of Herculanos to the blue and white stadium” reward first loyalty partners, although the exact way to do this has not yet been specified. It seems that the owner of Hercules give a gift passes, but whoever makes a whole wins “significant contribution to serve less than the “significantly” final amount of tickets”.

Probability of Sergio Mora’s team to challenge promotion out Rico Pérez (with more than 20,000 seats business days) is far, but nothing, a Signature Circulars By Andreu Camps, general secretary of the RFEF.