Elon Musk will let Donald Trump return to Twitter

Elon Musk will let Donald Trump return to Twitter. The tech king is in the process of seizing all control social networkHe announced this Tuesday that he would undo the veto that was imposed on the former president more than a year ago. United States of America.

As part of an event on the Future of the Automobile hosted by the “Financial Times”, Musk said, “I think being overly open and stupid is a morally bad decision.” Said. “It was a mistake. It alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Trump’s inability to be heard.”

Musk reiterated his stance against permanent bans, which he believes undermines users’ trust in Twitter. “If there are false and bad tweets, they should be deleted or invisible,” he said. “Suspension is appropriate, but not a permanent ban.”

When asked about this possibility, Trump assured at the end of April that he had no intention of reusing Twitter, a platform he used to amplify his messages and avoid press control. Instead, he said he would stay. RealSocialunsuccessful platform that has been trying to promote for months.

left attack

At the head of powerful technology companies such as tesla anyone Space XMusk reached an agreement to buy with Twitter’s board on April 25. digital platform $44,000 million (approximately 41,000 million euros). The world’s richest man has assured that the operation is not responding to a desire to gain more power, but to a crusade for the social network to take a more absolutist position on freedom of expression. This raises fears that its takeover, which could happen in about six months, could turn out to be a blow to content moderation policies that try to curb hateful content. disinformation.

This Monday, he denounced Twitter as having a “strong left bias” because, according to him, it’s headquartered in San Francisco. During the speech, Musk assured that the platform must balance this ideological scale. However, in recent weeks he has intensified his usual attacks against progressive causes, trade unions and organizations in favor of human rights. strengthened the messages well-known conspiracy theorists extreme right.

The Republican leader’s account was blocked by the platform after he used it to promote the campaign. riot A far-right mob against the Washington Capitol is an attack on US democracy aimed at forcibly stopping the ratification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

The decision of the Twitter board, which was justified by the “risk of inciting violence”, created controversy. And although the law, as a private company, protects the platform from deciding how to regulate this digital agora, Trump’s blockade has proven the unbridled power of this type of company to shape public debate.

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