Monegal’s critique: Cristina Cifuentes’ panic: motorcycles or PP?

I keep thinking that this program (‘The Fears of…’, Four) that puts someone’s fear, horror, panic in front of the cameras is a good idea, but poorly executed. This week, as president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, They said: “We will help you overcome your fear of motorcycles.” And they took him to a school for ‘motards’, put on a helmet, put him on a motorcycle and after a lot of tension and chatter he finally got around on his own and finally around the circuit. exclaimed: “I got it, I’m free!”.

Ah! It was good, I do not deny it, but it seems to me that they were wrong. I’ve been following this lady’s political and existential biography with great interest for years, and I think it’s not motorcycles she’s afraid of. It is true that eight years ago he was in a serious motorcycle accident. But luckily, he survived and came out unharmed. I think it’s the People’s Party, where he held high positions until he fell into a puddle without a protective helmet that should give him real fear. That’s what PP hasn’t been able to recover from this blow of the inner guillotine, including a questionable master’s degree and some beauty creams from Eroski. So what this Cuatro program had to do was take him to headquarters on Génova Street. Perhaps now, under Feijóo’s command, his fear would subside. Otherwise it would have increased. A Galician proverb says:Or the silent wolf or the hair, mais os dentes non”.

‘CANIS LUPUS’ TALKS. I saw an interesting exercise on TV-3’s ’30 minutes’ this week. They curled two prints. The first to talk about the boar. Second, the wolf. Civilization has turned the boar into a sad omission that scavenges garbage and containers. This is how it is: massively gathered as a wild beast. The wolf is another: it retains its character and ferocity. It’s a real, authentic wilderness, like in the classic TV documentary ‘The Mara River Crossing’, where we see crocodiles killing gazelles for food and killing for pleasure. In ’30 minutes’ they taught us how the wolf leaves the flocks: It kills from hunger and kills for satisfaction. It’s in your DNA. And most of all, we see that the wolf never interfered with the human race. This is the other way.

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