Spanish Ernesto Escolano (Sabiñánigo, huesca50 years) This Tuesday, he passed away last night at the Mohammed VI University Hospital in Marrakech. heart injury sustained during the second stage The Titan Desert was discussed on Monday between Merzouga and Ksar Jdaid, a tough day with intense heat and 102 kilometers of travel.

Runner from Aragon, number 521, Emergency medical attention needed at 82nd kilometer second stageAt the hospital, where he was treated by the runway medical team, first aid was administered to stabilize the situation.

He was then transferred by helicopter to the Mohammed VI University Hospital Center in Marrakech, where he was shortly thereafter. Died despite medical efforts, explains statement from Titan Desert organization. Ernesto Escolano competed in the Master 50 category and wore the Krypteia jersey. He finished the first stage of the Titan Desert in 357th place with a time of 6:35:28.

Besides the organization, participants, medical team, sponsors, journalists and the entire race capsule accompanying the test, Give your condolences and love to his family and friends. Three years later, Titan again mourns the death of a participant. On April 29, 2019, Spanish Fernando Civera died in the middle of the stage.Age 46, due to “heart failure” in the second stage.

cyclist “it was in a complex area” On the 55th kilometer of the controversial second stage between the 105-kilometer Merzouga and Ouzina, the organization of the test later commented.