It is unknown whether Carlitos Alcaraz has a calendar date marked in red. number one but if you have to win Roland Garros next June 5th. “We’ll try to win,” he says, convinced. His options in Paris despite being more cautious about beating Novak Djokovic. “The world’s best is still Novak. I’m number 6, I’ve got five people ahead of me, so I still have a lot of work to do to be the best.”

for now 1,487 points separate him from Djokovichowever, he is already second in the classification of the year, only 70 points behind Rafael Nadal, and 28. The Serbian is 28. Roland Garros and Wimbledon events, where Djokovic defended 4,000 points for his two titles, will be decisive. 369 weeks of Serbian rule ended.

And Alcaraz, though it seems far away, has little to defend At two Grand Slams, as soon as his opponents are gone, he will be in the fight to take down the number 1, which includes them. Daniil Medvedev (2) and Alexander Zverev (3).

not to rome

The main target is Roland Garros (starting May 22) and therefore a Stop and resign to Rome this week. With 28 wins, 4 titles and only 2 losses Since the season started, this week the machine is returning to the pits, touched his right ankle and an infected blister on his hand from a fall against Nadal, although he went undetected against Zverev in the final.

No big deal, although you need to charge the batteries first El Palmar with his family and then villena with the boss John Charles Ferrero assimilate all that has been achieved. “Carlos goes up the stairs, four quarters, faster each time. Very fit and with an exemplary demeanor,” said the former number 1, who wanted to dose his student in the face of great challenges.

from 120 to 6

Since Ferrero Murcian started working with the tennis player the souffle did not stop rising, year after year, but the last one was spectacular. Alcaraz went from 120 to 6 in the world in one year.

“Carlos climbs the stairs faster and faster on the fourth. He is very fit and has an exemplary attitude”

Juan Carlos Ferrero – Alcaraz Technical Director

In won five finals In his career: Umag in 2021 and this season in Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid, the Murcian tennis player has not lost a set. Not only that. He won only 23 of the 92 matches he played. A savagery. What’s more, at his age, he has already equaled two Masters 1,000 titles to tennis players worldwide. Sergi Bruguera and Alex Corretja, with two headers and one Carlos Moya.

Comparison with the ‘Big Three’

The rise of Nadal, Djokovic or Federer at the same time as the beginning, Little enough to envy the Big Three. After winning his first title in Sopot (Poland) in 2004, Nadal moved up to 49th place in the standings and finished 2005 in 2nd place.

Djokovic He took his first title in Amersfoort (Netherlands) in 2005 and passed it. world 186 to 16 at the end of 2006. Federer He broke the mold by winning his first title in Milan in 2001, currently 30th in the world and finishing 2002 in 6th place. Numbers like cotton don’t lie.