Labor leader will resign if police fine him for breaking pandemic isolation laws

British Labor leader Keir Yildizannounced this Monday Durham police will resign if they conclude that he has broken the isolation rules during the coronavirus pandemic and penalty fee. The head of the opposition has responded to pressures in recent weeks with a high bet of political risk over an incident in which a lawmaker drank beer and lager in his office during a lawmaker’s visit in April 2021. Local election campaign after a day’s work.

Starmer, a former senior lawyer, has publicly denied involvement in any illegality in a public statement. “I am absolutely confident that no laws were broken. It was always respected. Like any politician before the election, I ate something while working late at night. But if the police decide to fine me, of course I will do the right thing and resign.“. He pointed out that responding with a stop is “a matter of principle, honor and integrity”. number two of the party, Angela Rayner who was present at that event confirmed that he would also resign if he was fined.

Opposition leader has been highly critical for months Boris Johnson and the Downing Street parties that have so far resulted 50 fines. Among those sanctioned are the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Rishi Altar. Neither of them resigned. “Unlike those on Downing Street, I believe the lawmakers simply can’t get past it.“, He drew attention to Starmer, whom conservatives accused of “double standards”.

Cummings Precedent

Durham police in the north-east of England now hold the future of the politician in their hands. This is the same force involved in the escape of Johnson’s chief counselor at the beginning of his imprisonment. Dominic CummingsTraveling about 500 kilometers from London to seek shelter on his father’s farm. They did not punish him. The Starmer investigation will take about two months.

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