Sports lawyer Antseliovich spoke about Russia’s chance to challenge the UEFA ban

Sports lawyer Anna Antseliovich spoke about Russia’s chance to appeal the suspension of competitions under the auspices of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

“You can appeal the ban. Traditionally – in the CAS for 21 days. It is difficult to predict the chances that much will become clear from the cases, the verdicts that are already in the CAS. However, even if the hearings are in May, it is very doubtful that we will know the verdict in these 21 days.

Potentially, CAS decisions can be appealed to the Swiss Supreme Court on procedural but not substantive matters. The court seldom, but sometimes, reverses CAS decisions if the procedural rights of the participants are violated.

“CAS is still a legal structure, and lawyers are not in a political vacuum, but they are used to linking decisions with regulatory documents,” he said. “”.

Recall that, according to the decision of UEFA in the 2022/2023 season, Russian clubs will not be able to participate in European competitions, and the Russian team will not play in the Nations League. The Russian team will automatically take the last place in the foursome and will be relegated to the third league of the next League of Nations.

Russia’s bid to host the 2028 and 2032 European Football Championships was also rejected.

Denis Glushakov, former midfielder of Khimki near Moscow declarationWith the abolition of UEFA, you have to take advantage of this situation.

Source: Gazeta


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