New evidence corners those accused of killing Manuela Chavero

suspect of crime Manuela Chavera lies about how the woman died at her home in Monesterio on the night of July 5, 2016. The Badajoz Institute of Forensic Medicine came to this conclusion when it came up with a version that Eugenio Delgado’s neighbor died of an illness. accidental drop is “not supported” with the bony lesions presented by his corpse. It is now confirmed by a new forensic report that Chavero’s family contributed to the case and became known by Prensa Ibérica’s investigation and events portal OPEN CASE.

Delgado, hiding the woman’s body, buried on a farm he owned for four years, and he only revealed his whereabouts after the Civil Guards had arrested him. fell backwards and hit the back of his head During a discussion they had at home about the condition of an old crib he lent her some time ago. But the autopsy, before he died, woman suffered fracture of three ribs, two teeth and a nasal bone, injuries unexplained by the accused.

“Traumatic injuries to the rib cage represent an event of violence incompatible with a backward fall. Both left and right rib fractures caused by compression are compatible with certain diseases. heavy element positioned on the victim Specialist Miguel Botella, professor of Physical Anthropology at the University of Granada, points to Zafra’s (Badajoz) report submitted to the court of instruction No. 1 on February 17.

“Four Events”

According to the expert examining Manuela’s remains, the wounds inflicted on the woman’s face also do not match the thesis defended by Delgado. “high-energy direct hitsHe adds that these injuries were not the result of a single blow: “It is not possible to attribute all these injuries to a single event (the fall), but there must have been several violent incidents affecting that part of at least four different events.

In his statement, the defendant attributed the fractures in the corpse to the maneuvers he made with a hand tool. bulldozer he wants to hide it on the night of the crime, but the expert’s analysis concludes that this is impossible: “the fracture in the right nasal bone cannot be explained by a fall from the tractor shovel when the corpse was moved, or by a blow to the stone during burial”. He states that “the energy of the blow will not be enough” to break that part of the bone.

Likewise, “the fracture of two teeth and the loss of the other cannot be explained as a result of maneuvers to bury the corpse, they occurred. with great force and in any case, before being buried“. There is another particularly important piece of information: before putting Manuela in the pit, Delgado covered her head with a plastic bag, undressed the woman, and covered her body with a robe and sheet, so the victim had to lose her tooth. “before the corpse is hugged”because if it had come out at the time of burial, the tooth would have been revealed in the bag as the Civil Guard sifted through the soil to retrieve the body.

sexual assault

These media contacted Manuela’s family’s lawyer, Verónica Guerrero, who declined to comment on any part of the report submitted on Manuela’s accusation. For the prosecutor in the case, Delgado’s version of how Manuela died is fraught with “contradictions and inconsistencies.” Like the woman’s family, he was convinced that “there are sufficient and sufficient indications that an alleged murder had been committed”. crimes against life, manslaughter or murderand may also have committed an alleged offense against Manuela’s sexual freedom.”

The Civil Guard points in the same direction. An agent from the Central Operations Unit concluded before the judge: “The fact of finding a woman nakedThe fact that he appeared wrapped in a sheet and robe, in a plastic bag and some knotted strings, I’m guessing was a violent scene and the victim may have been sexually assaulted.

petition for freedom

Delgado just asked the judge to release him. In a letter sent on March 31 and accepted by CASE OPEN, his lawyer argues that new investigative procedures have not been carried out in these months.

For fourth time The court refused his request as he was arrested and jailed: “If he is released, can hide or destroy Considering the lapse of time and the line of inquiry that indicated it was recent, there is an element or clue about the case that only he knows about,” he continues in a car dated April 13.

The judge reminds that the accused tried to remove the evidence constituting a crime “at the time of the events” and that he filed a criminal complaint with his work. traces of blood, burning of clothes and concealment of the body Manuela”.

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