Midfielder “Khimki” Glushakov said that with the removal of UEFA, we should take advantage of the situation.

Khimki midfielder Denis Glushakov commented on the decision of the Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) to ban Russian clubs and the national team from international competitions next season.

“Sports should stay out of politics. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about UEFA’s decision. He continues to play in the RPL, the national team that will play friendly matches with friendly countries.

This is not an easy situation for Russian football, but you have to take advantage of it. RPL needs to be expanded. It doesn’t matter if it’s 18 or 20 clubs. And especially since our clubs won two UEFA Cups under this, we need to return to the “spring-autumn” system. Playing in the summer is better than playing in the winter.

We need to play more, there should be more matches. Everything has its pros and cons, but we must subtract the pros”, quoting the actor’s words “Pair TV”.

Recall that, according to the decision of UEFA in the 2022/2023 season, Russian clubs will not be able to participate in European competitions, and the Russian team will not play in the Nations League. The Russian team will automatically be placed last in the foursome and relegated to the third strongest division of the next Nations League.

Russia’s bid to host the 2028 and 2032 European Football Championships was also rejected.

Former sports commentator and TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev spoke harshly About the exclusion of Russian teams from international tournaments.

Source: Gazeta


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