Canadian rapper Drake talks about Ovechkin in his new track

Canadian rapper Drake talked about Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin on his new track I’m On One.

The song contains these lines:

I’m just about my goals like Ovechkin
I’m just about my goals like Messi.

Rough translation of the text: “I am obsessed with my goals, as Ovechkin was with goals. I’m obsessed with my goals like Lionel Messi.”

The song also mentions swimmer Michael Phelps, football player Neymar, and American football coach Joe Madden.

Former former coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Plushev shared his opinion Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin is third in the history of the National Hockey League in the number of goals scored.

“Sasha does her job really well. The season is over and then we’ll see. Now the main thing is to get him out of this situation with his injury. Everything else will be secondary for him this season, at least,” she said.

Source: Gazeta


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