Arrested in Alicante posing as police for stealing one thousand euros from a Ukrainian refugee

Unless you are seriously worried about what is going on in your country thousands of kilometers away, ukrainian refugee The 64-year-old young man, whose savings of a thousand Euros was stolen by a citizen, added a new one to his grievance. Romanian 44 years old who pretended to be a cop Alicante and tricked him into searching his belongings and stealing his money. The suspect, who was alleged to be the thief, was found and arrested by the Police upon the complaint of the victim. Now it is being investigated whether he committed similar thefts with the same technique.

The incidents occurred recently when a Ukrainian woman was taking pictures next to the gardens. Provincial Assembly. A man approached the victim defiantly and began speaking to her in a threatening tone. English and Spanish alternative words, now the arrested man told him he was a “guard” and suspected he was selling cocaine there, so he had to search his backpack.

The woman was very scared and gave her her backpack. The fake police searched the inside and told the victim to open his jacket to see what he was wearing, since he had nothing of value. In this way, she eagerly discovered that she was carrying a small purse hidden under her cardigan, and quickly asked for it, letting her see that she was carrying the concealed cocaine there.

Again, without surprise, the woman gave the bag to him, and when the man realized that there was a lot of money in it, he began to examine the bags. tickets. The suspect convinced the refugee that he had reported the incident, claiming that he was looking for cocaine between the bills and also talking on the phone.

Installation was perfect. This thief He convinced her that he had put the bills back in the bag and handed it back to her. According to the police, she later told him to go and “everything seems fine, but he should be back on the ground with all his documents at the same time the next day”.

At the time, the victim had nothing to do with the robbery. He left quite scared and worried by what had happened and when he got home he realized that it was all a game to steal his money. The bag was empty and the man hadn’t put the bills back, but he was distracted for a moment and picked them up.

The victim immediately went to report the facts to the police. National Police and Operational Group of the Police Station Judicial Police Alicante Central Region undertook the investigation and began searching for footage from a camera located near the Provincial Committee.

Investigators gathered information from victims about the bogus police officer’s physical characteristics, and an extensive search device was coordinated in the area along with the recordings. The operation was successful, and in a street close to the scene they found a man who completely matched the physiognomy, complexion, and clothing data discussed, whereupon they caught him and arrested him, although he resisted trying to escape. actively arrest.

The suspected thief who was arrested is a 46-year-old Romanian citizen. countless backgrounds, some for similar events. He was taken to police facilities and brought to justice. Police are now investigating whether he was involved in other similar thefts pending explanation.

Source: Informacion


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