if you hold ticket sales rate for the party Saturday (21:00), between Elche CF and FC BarcelonaThe Elche club hopes to hang it this Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. “Out of Stock” (Out of Stock).

This Wednesday From 10 am, the last seats will be on sale.It will be open to all kinds of people with prices ranging from . from 80 euros in the funds of the upper ring; Up to 170, in the grandstand.

Subscribers of the Franjiverde entity have reserved their seats by 2 p.m. this Tuesday. This caused it to be there all morning Long queues at the ticket offices of the Southern Fund of Martínez Valero stadium.

Although it can be done online through the official Elche website, Many fans with cards preferred to go to the ticket office and buy the physical ticket directly..

Queues formed at the Martínez Valero box office to buy tickets to the Elche-Barcelona game. AXEL ALVAREZ

Otherwise, through the Internet sales system, they can receive or print a message to their e-mail and mobile phone.

When the term is over, the Elche club dedicates itself this Tuesday afternoon to: attend any event of its subscribers those who have made the correct payment but cannot take their place.

At the close of the offices, the employees of the franciverde organization were completing the accounting of the tickets issued by the card followers. The exact figure will not be determined until early this Wednesday. But according to sources from the franciverde establishment, The number of seats that will go on sale today will approach 4,000..

They showed on Elche surprised at the speed of the sale. Mainly because the prices were high. Even if, just over 7,000 were sold to the public in the first day and a half. As such, they hope that the roughly 4,000 remaining between today and tomorrow will be exhausted.

However, good moment, La Liga leaders Barcelona, ​​Santandercaused many Barça fans to decide to watch the match live.

On the contrary, in Elche They did not expect that there would be so many subscribers who did not withdraw their tickets.taking into account that they “just” have to pay between 10 and 35 euros. Some demanded free access in return for their support despite a bad season for the team and eventually decided not to participate.

A fan who bought his place with a price list next to him AXEL ALVAREZ

There has also been a good amount of particular category subscribers. Infants and children who have the opportunity to replace their ticket with an adult ticket and have not done so.

The remaining approximately four thousand seats can be purchased online or at south fund ticket offices between 10:00 and 14:00 in the morning; and between 4 and 7 pm.