Has Tiktoker Luca Dazi received positive treatment to access ‘Masterchef’? The producer explains it for us.

Premiere of the eleventh editionmaster chefit happened most watched area on television it’s Monday night. TVE’s culinary talent was presented to her family at a lengthy first gala. 23 new contestantsamong the prominent Luca DaziA well-known TikTok content creator with over 600,000 followers on the platform.

The 18-year-old became known for some videos of him exchanging emotionally expensive gifts with his relatives. One of them is the one he did with his cousin, which he boasted of being. “Spain’s richest cousins”.

In his debut in the competition, he’s already became the hero of social networksfor something in the deliberation of the judges who gave him the white coat and thus the direct pass to the competition.

For some candidates whose applications were not rejected, ‘Masterchef 11’ has prepared a final test. Pepe Rodríguez explained that some dishes “half-conquered” them. but they wanted to give them a new chance. “Those who lack flavor, authenticity and aesthetics, one of the three essential elements a dish should have, will have a second chance to convince us.”

From these words, many understood that only those who had received at least one NO from one of the judges needed re-examination, and it was surprising that Luca, who had received a refusal from Jordi Cruz, did not suffer. With this in mind, the final test.

A lot Users on social networks accused the space of nepotism and even “language” for not putting the young tiktoker through the same final quality check as his colleagues In the end, Roberto fell.

But he wasn’t the only one who got a no from the jury and passed directly. As explained to YOTELE by Producer Shine IberiaThose deemed “possessed” by judges were given black armbands.dishes that are missing something”regardless of whether they get a NO from anyone.

“For example, It received negative votes from Ana or Francesc de Jordi. (and positive from Pepe and Samantha), just like Luca. And they were not given a black bracelet, because that thing is not missing on their plate.”

Obviously Luca measured himself under the same parameters as the rest of his teammates.It is none other than those who unilaterally determine Thursdays and the heads of the programs.

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