General Milli: The USA will review the volume of ammunition production due to the conflict in Ukraine23:06

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Committee, said at a hearing in the Congressional Senate Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon is reviewing the volume of ammunition production. He is fighting in Ukraine. broadcast was open area US Department of Defense.

“One of the main lessons of Ukraine is the incredibly conventional consumption of ammunition, although we are talking about a limited regional conflict … In a war between the great powers, if it happens, God forbid, the consumption of ammunition will be incredible,” he said.

According to him, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered that the operation of existing military factories be checked to determine whether the calculations on which the funding requests will be based are correct.

Milli added that special attention was given to 155 mm bullets.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin supply Ukraine has a large number of weapons.

Source: Gazeta


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