Atticgo Handball Elche is living a historic day today. Actually, Regardless, they’ve already made history in international competition, reaching an uphill but not impossible semi-final.. Elche fighters have to overcome the goal gap they had in the draw with Atlético Guardés. The bad thing is that they have to do this at home.

EHF European Cup semi-final match this Saturday (19:30) It is the date when handball players play the continental final qualifiers in a live match at A Guarda. A Sangriña hosts the return match between the Galicians and Elche.


It is the Galician team that draws with the minimum income. After 22:23, achieved in the first match at the Esperanza Lag pavilion, to defend when the players of Joaquín Rocamora missed a three-goal lead in the final minutes of the match.

Main Seabra clings to this single advantage goal to achieve the purpose of classification. And with that, achieve classification for a continental final for the first time in their history, but the fighters from Elche promise not to make it easy for the mighty Galician team.


It will be the women of Elche who will have the tireless and constant support of Mecalia Atlético Guardés fans and will have to survive the “hell” of A Sangriña. Aware of the challenge, the team led by Joaquín Rocamora Elche clings to what happened in Esperanza Lag in the first match, where the atmosphere of the spectators gave all female handball fans an unforgettable Sunday. Despite the defeat, it is already a historic appointment.

Now Atticgo Elche looking to win in enemy territory and reverse the score. To do this, Elche adhered to two results in the Iberdrola Guerreras League, where Elche was victorious in both games. He played the first at 24:21 and the second with the visitors’ win in 23:24 at A Sangriña less than two months ago.

The team that wins the draw will face the winner of the other semi-finals. The first match played between Antalya Konyaaltı BSK and MKS IUVENTA Michalovce ended in favor of the Turks with a score of 31:24.


One of the keys that Joaquín Rocamora passes on to his players to achieve a positive outcome is the ability of the players to maintain their concentration throughout the game, where there will be ups and downs on the scoreboard if attention is paid. experience of recent duels. Defenses should be compact and strong. Maximum concentration is what Rocamora recommends to her team so they can continue to fulfill their European dreams.