Sebastián Beccacece came up with a mid-term sports project and now with an Elche that only a miracle can save. Therefore, as he stated in his presentation yesterday, his intention is not to adapt to the team, but to adapt to the team. “We are aware of the fact and in this context, the first task will be to regain the confidence and reputation of the players themselves. This group also retained the category for two years. This memory must be restored to them”, so “calm and calm will be very important”, the new Elche coach emphasized.

With these prefaces, the game system you’re using right now isn’t a priority for the coach who doesn’t want to change and traumatize in two days. It continues for most of the season. and most of all with Pablo Machín for the last 12 days. Elche’s draw on the field will be similar and will almost certainly start with a defense of three central defenders and two wingers.


This is the option the Argentinian coach tried out in his first practice with all his troops in the open on Thursday. He formed two teams with players from the first team and some regulars like John and Rodri. Also located was Álvaro Santiago, the head office of the subsidiary. In fact, he needed troops for this axis of defense because he had shortcomings in the area, with Enzo Roco and Lisandro Magallán being injured and Helibelton Palacios lessening his burden.

central carmona

The most obvious evidence that Beccacece was considering starting her career at Elche with a five-back (3+2) is that even José Ángel Carmona, a defined winger and occasional winger, had to adapt to the mid-defender position. right side

The newcomer usually uses a different board than the one marked. Elche’s training football ground is in Díez Iborra. In his later years, he used a draw with four defenders in front of the goalkeeper. He used 1-4-4-2 and sometimes 1-4-3-3 in Defense and Justice. Beccacece realizes she has a lot of work ahead of her and very little time to do it. He has the confidence of club owner Christian Bragarnik, who sees himself as the coach who can guide Elche next season, and has highlighted his arrival so that it can be done with Spanish football and the players who will continue next year. .


With these precedents, and given that some of his teams are playing with five defenders behind him, depending on the circumstances, the triple central system remains more likely. Beccacece was not very specific in her presentation’s private statement at the press conference, and she stated, word for word: “Our game concept is about time and space. Later, the participating players will turn it into a variable system. Sometimes we will play with a winger or a winger, with three centre-backs or a line of four. I insist on being clear about the different moments of the game and being clear that the team is reliable and worked. We’ll try to see a team that has a clear game organization, can define a profile and an idea, that’s what we want.

With these promises and a few hints given so far, we’ll have to wait until Saturday (21:00) against FC Barcelona, ​​but the strength of the opponent won’t make it clear. Beccacece will carry or diversify her chosen game system until the end of the season.. So did their predecessors. Francico has used very little, but at least twice this season, he has used the defense of three central defenders, a priority in Machín and Almirón’s case.

Becaccece lined up Verdú, Bigas and González on one side and John, Álvaro and Carmona on the other in his only practice session at Díez Iborra. Now we have to wait for the return of Magallán, Palacios and Enzo Roco.

technical staff

Elche coach Sebastián Beccacece talked about his work team in his presentation. He thanked all of them earlier for giving Elche the opportunity “for this adventure, for this space, for this place”. We are so grateful for everything and the wonderful staff who welcomed us here.”

First person named Martin Bressan, emphasizing that the physical trainer is “a great professional and a wonderful person, very talented in the physiological part and methodological organization”. He has been part of the technical team in Peru since 2003. Then Beccacece was chosen Guillermo Marino, the second coach. In the 2011/2012 season, he played as a coach with Beccacece at the Universidad de Chile, and also played for the Argentina national team when he was second only to Sampaoli. They started their professional relationship in Defense and Justice in 2018.

Finally, Beccacece talked about her trusted physical therapist. Jose Ernest AmadorHe stated that there is a connection between the coaching staff and the health services of the club. Born in Cuba, he was already in Emelec (Ecuador) and with the first franciverde coach in the Chilean team. They have been working together since 2010. I am very happy to be with them because we also act like a family.”