Scientists create ‘buffet’ for bats suffering from white-nose syndrome 22:10

Scientists have created mangers for bats waking up from hibernation due to white-nose syndrome. It has been reported by the British Ecological Society.

White nose syndrome is a dangerous disease in many bat species. Outwardly, it manifests as a whitening of the muzzle, but causes its fungus. Pseudogymnoascus destroyers. This disease is particularly dangerous because bats can therefore wake up in the middle of hibernation, wasting their fat reserves and starve to death.

Zoologists decided to find out whether little brown bats could feed on “buffets” filled with insects, where light baits are used to attract live food. The kiosks located near the wintering grounds were supposed to help the animals increase their fat reserves before and after hibernation, thereby relieving illness. The authors measured foraging activity by recording and counting echolocation calls and hums emitted by bats during hunting.

They then compared these numbers with data from places where there were no kiosks. The results showed that the bats foraging for food significantly more often than those without resident feeders.

One of the authors of the idea, Dr. “These results suggest that increasing the number of insects found near the bats’ wintering grounds will help combat white-nose syndrome,” said Winifred Frick.

The little brown bat was once the most common mouse species in North America, but its population has been reduced by 90% due to this disease. The scientists hope their findings will help reverse this trend.

Source: Gazeta


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