Sobolev, football player of the Russian national team: We looked good against the backdrop of Iran 00:24

Alexander Sobolev, football player of the Russian national team, shared his impressions of the friendly match played with the Iranian national team. DEA News.

“I think we look good against a strong opponent. Of course you can fix some points, but for now, so far,” Sobolev said.

The friendly match played in Tehran between the national teams of Iran and Russia ended 1-1. Both goals came from penalties. While Anton Miranchuk scored in the Russian team, Mehdi Taremi scored among his opponents. The Russian national team will play its next match on Saturday, March 26 in St. Petersburg – the wards of Valery Karpin will receive players from Iraq.

Valery Karpin, former coach of the Russian national team summarized Friendly match with Iran national team. Saying that he does not intend to evaluate the result, he noted that it is important for him to see how his wards will perform against such an opponent.

Source: Gazeta


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