Eliminates the obligation of workers to hand over their health permits to the company

Streamline procedures and eliminate bureaucratic obligations. This is the purpose of the new regulation, which came into force on April 1st. workers will be exempted from the obligation to hand over temporary sick leave and high health reports to their companies.. Now, electronic communication from SGK is the point that creates the most distrust in both employers and unions. They demand the proper functioning of computer systems to avoid malfunctions and crashes..

The new regulation, approved at the recommendation of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, regulates certain aspects of the management and control of temporary disability processes. And regarding discharge and discharge medical reports, It is expected that only one copy will be given to the workers and the second copy will be eliminated., addressed to the company. In this way, the liability of the employees themselves, which is responsible for the delivery and transmission of the report to the company, is eliminated.

So from April 1st Direct communication between SGK and companies will be established via telematics.a measure aimed at circumventing procedures that can be frustrating for people with temporary disability, as the ministry itself explains, while at the same time taking advantage of the efficiency and productivity-enhancing possibilities offered by the advances. digitalization and information technologies.

In addition to facilitating bureaucracy, the initiative It also aims to avoid procedures that can be annoying for people with temporary disability..

The new regulations also state that medical staff may set shorter medical review times than specified, depending on the evolution of the process.

From the ministry’s point of view, these changes will bring significant benefits to companies, employees and doctors of the health system.

So far everything seems to be an advantage, but both companies and unions are skeptical about its implementation. An example of this is the opinion of Salvador Navarro, president of the Valencian Community Business Confederation (CEV), who first of all regrets the methods used to address these changes. «This is another measure that the Government has unilaterally approved.without relying on the opinion of companies”.

When it comes to the heart of the matter, Navarro emphasizes that when it comes to communicating with the parties, everything will depend on how the public health system works. In his words, “It is absolutely essential for companies to be able to find out a worker’s sick leave with sufficient margin to properly reorganize the business.. If it is not delivered on time, there will be no margin of response.

Unions, for their part, agree with the gist of the regulations, though they have doubts about the operation. This was expressed by Paco García, CC OO’s general secretary at l’Alacantí-Les Marines, noting that «The idea is good, but we’ll see later if the computer systems are adapted. With the intersection of data, what will they be asked next, and there are no crashes that can harm both workers and companies.

García also believes that doctors should be exempted from their procedures in order to formalize registration and discharge reports. “I was there recently and was able to confirm that they devote at least two minutes to these tasks that they can devote to caring for patients. Therefore, the ideal would be to increase the administrative staff in health systems to reduce the burden of physicians.

Yaissel Sánchez, secretary-general of the UGT, located on the same border, believes the measure is positive. favors workers and eliminates bureaucracy“to take advantage of the new technologies that exist for them,” he emphasizes. In any case, he also hopes that all teams will adapt accordingly so that there are no problems from April 1, when the rule goes into effect.

Source: Informacion


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