XII Alicante Golf Championship, The current test for the Amateur World Ranking of this sportMeliá Villaitana will bring together nearly a hundred players on the Golf (Benidorm) course, in an exciting tournament due to the equality and high level of the athletes meeting in it. Organized by the Valencia Community Golf Federation, Alicante WAGR will start this Friday the 3rd of the month and will run until next Sunday, with a total of 54 individual Hit Play Scratchcards. Benidorm event brings together players who want to be noticed in the golf world in the coming years. As already demonstrated in the final competitions of last season, there is a nest of packing athletes in the FGCV. We already know that it is difficult to pool in golf, but if we take a look at the entry list and stick to the HCP order, we can include it in the list. The men’s favorites are Rubén Lafuente (-3.9), Adam Bencik (-2.4) or Juan Ramón Amador (-1.9). Not forgetting Valencia’s Francisco Gavilan (-1, 6) and Raúl Gómez (-0, 3), he will have options.

As in the men’s division, in the women’s division there will be maximum equality at this Alicante Championship. By the same criteria and in terms of handicap, the first in the list of candidates for the final victory on Sunday are Julia Ballester (-3.8), who recently signed her contract with Tulane University in the United States, as well as Martina Navarro (-2.2), the new winner of the I Murcia Regional Cup. ) or Ángela Gómez (-1.0). Other Valencian athletes like Xinyi Gu (-0.8), Lucía Valderrama (-0.5) or Clara Martínez (-0.5) will be players to keep in mind.

On the other hand, the “Inter-Club Doubles Cup” tour has already announced the schedule for its third edition, which includes awards for the best amateur golf in the Community of Valencia. The competition, which will begin February 26 at Costa de Azahar Golf Club, a new course associated with ACGCBCV, has set up a total of 14 tests across the region for this third event: seven in Alicante, five and two in Valencia. in Castellón. The circuit maintains its policy of unconditional support for Valencia golf courses, having cooperation and support as the main sponsor of FGCV.