Enzo Fernández, new Chelsea player: how much did he pay Benfica, what will his salary be and what number will he use?

The novel about the European transfer market ended with a happy ending: Enzo Fernández becomes a new Chelsea player.

Finally the ways of Enzo Fernandez Y Chelsea that will unite The English have reached an agreement with the leadership of the Eagles so that from now on the world champion wears the color blue. This is news that also celebrates Riversince he has saved a percentage for a future sale.

Enzo’s career has a great evolution as a common thread. Surprised at first Defense and Justicethen went back to nunez to be regarded as one of the best local football talents, he was sold on Benfica and became world champion with Argentina. Now you have a new challenge.


Enzo Fernandez Benfica 2023Getty Images

After several rounds and rounds, Chelsea has paid out €121,000,000. This figure is the exit clause that had Enzo Fernandez of the Portuguese team.


Enzo Fernandez Argentina 2022-23Getty Images

The Argentine midfielder signs a contract that will tie him to the London club until 8 p.m. June from 2031. It is estimated that he will have an annual salary of 10,000,000 euros.


Julian Alvarez Enzo Fernandez River Plate Board of Trustees 16022022Getty Images

In his short and successful career Enzo has used several numbers: 13 in River and Benfica, 24 in Argentina and 8 in Defense and Justice. However, they are all occupied by their new companions. With the departure of Jorginho to Arsenal, A special song has been released: the 5. This was the one I carried on my back during Much of his education in the lower ranks of the Millionaire and probably the one I wear in London.

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