PRC corrects media information on Olympic Summit’s decision regarding Russians 06:21

Press Service of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) published Description of the organization after the Olympic Summit.

In its latest statement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stressed that “sanctions against Russia and Belarus and their governments are non-negotiable. It was unanimously approved at the Olympic Summit on December 9, 2022.”

The PRC information service focuses on the inadmissibility of falsifying information about the results of the Olympic Summit in the media, referring to the IOC press service: “The statement of the Olympic Summit on the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international sports is very clearly stated that the summit was held unanimously.”

At the same time, the restrictions and sanctions on Russia and Belarus proposed to the Summit participants, on the contrary, were not supported by the PRC.

We emphasize that the decision in this case was not taken unanimously and that the views were divided.

The Declaration following the results of the Olympic Summit held in December 2022 is in the public domain. It can be applied to rely on accurate information from a primary source,” it said.

On January 25, the International Olympic Committee announced that it was considering the possibility of allowing Russian athletes who did not support a special operation in Ukraine to participate in international competitions with neutral status.

On February 1, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Stanislav Pozdnyakov, said that the IOC did not ask the Russians to condemn the special operation for participation in international competitions.

Former Belarusian biathlete Dinara Alimbekova-Smolskaya statedwill not agree to act under a neutral flag.

Source: Gazeta


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