Hercules start the year on the right foot Everything was set against him as soon as the second half started when César Díaz took advantage of a mistake by Míchel Herrero to raise the score to 2-0. Far from giving up and giving up as if they lost the match, Alicante’s arrival proved to be a morale booster for the blue and whites when they returned to the field after the winter break. including a draw and two wins, both comebacks, with their new mechanic.

Sandro Toscanoundisputed owner since dismissal angel rodriguez, he was the one who peaked the Hercules reaction in overtime. Earlier, a filtered pass to Jean Paul rekindled the hope of his teammates when the French player enlisted help to close the gap.

The Extremaduran coach’s initial bet on two strikers in the starting eleven allowed the visitors to take control of the game in the early stages. greater mastery. As a result of this control, a magnificent individual action Raul Ruiz On the right wing, the captain tied Ander Vitoria on his heel to the inter-alpine midfielder, who left him alone in front of Marcos Levin. His shot from the penalty spot went out as the visiting fans said the score 0-1.

Míchel’s two omissions led to two goals for Atlético Saguntino, who was almost 100% efficient.

Hércules continued to hit that flank and continued to damage an Atlético Saguntino who had to defend. A drop from Tuscany in the field After 20 minutes, it did not attract the attention of the referee, who did not give a penalty. Half an hour later, in Alvarito’s first attack from the left, the offensive player finished off the field with a shot that Sagunto’s goalkeeper found good.

At this point the Valencians found a way to escape the pressure of Hercules and began to take the initiative until Míchel’s overconfidence in serving the ball was taken advantage of by Nacho Ramón and stood hand in hand in front of him. Carlos Abad after sneaking between centers. His shot, which was adjusted towards the post in the 35th minute, disrupted the balance of the match in the first coming of the match (1-0) due to the danger coming from inside the penalty area. Gerard Albadalejo.

The blue-whites won the first round on Morvedre’s synthetic turf.

The locals managed to increase their income at halftime, but the double-head inside the Alicante area was not able to find the net, although it was very clear. Escobar made his only change in the game at the time-out. withdrawn ander victoriathe attacker is too far from the game and has been tricked Christian Cedres. Two minutes had been played when Roma took advantage of a new mistake by Míchel to beat Abad for the second time. It was on this occasion Caesar Diaz easily surpassing the timid brand laughed To cancel an attempt to stop the Canary goalkeeper with Vaseline (2-0).

Doubts after 2-0

Hercules was hesitant after this setback, until Tuscany observed a mark-up in space John Paul, the ball served him and the Frenchman closed the gap with great composure. 2-1 gave wings to visitors convinced they could draw. Albadalejo moved his turn to secure the rear and instead managed to be at the mercy of his opponent, who continued to grow to a midpoint from the left. alvarito Jean Paul finished his foot very close to the pole.


►Athletic Saguntino: Marcos Levin, Héctor Rodas (Escudero, min. 59), Torrent, Juanma Acevedo, Forner (José Álvarez, min. 64), César Díaz, Jorge Domingo (Gonzalo, min. 59), Roan Riera, Nacho Ramón (Enrique, min. .64), Carlos David and Navarro (Carlos Esteve, min. 78).

Hercules CF: Carlos Abad, Riera, Felipe Chacartegui, Alvarito, Raúl Ruiz, Sandro Toscano, César Moreno, Ander Vitoria (Christian Cedrés, min. 45), Michel Herrero, Jean Paul and Dani Marín.

TARGETS: 1-0, 35 minutes: Nacho Ramon. 2-0, Min.47: Caesar Diaz. 2-1, 55 minutes: John Paul. 2-2, 77 minutes: chacartegui. 2-3, Minute 93: Tuscany.

Judge: Marc Pujol Prat (Barcelona). T. Amarillas: for local residents Jorge Domingo and Juanma Acevedo and visitors Míchel, Felipe Chacartegui, Cedrés and Jean Paul.

events: The match, which corresponds to the 16th match day in the 3rd group of Segunda RFEF, was played at Camp Nou de Morvedre with half a thousand spectators in the stands, with Hercules supporters.

Marcos fired the shot and the French tried his luck a second time with the same result. Rejection got it Cesar Moreno in the small area that armed the leg but hit badly and the skin was loose, planted it felipe chacartegui He scored 2-2 in anger in the 77th minute.

Convinced of their comeback chances, Hércules was swept away and Saguntino confined themselves to defending themselves until they made a drive three minutes after the end of legal time, after receiving a pass from Toscano. Michel Celebrating the first victory of 2023 with a hundred fans in Morvedre, it ended with a shot that earned the blue-whites three gold points.

Hercules recovers tenth position with this win and cut a point into the bullish zonecontinues to limit Manresa, but are now five ahead against Lolo Escobar’s team, which won this season at the Atlético Saguntino stadium. Next Sunday Rico Pérez, Ibiza Pitiusas Islandsin the relegation zone (15 January 12:00).