In Colombia, how to watch all Qatar 2022 World Cup matches on TV and stream on the internet?

Despite the fact that Colombia does not participate, there is an expectation for the new World Cup in the country.

The long-awaited date for all football fans has arrived as the Qatar 2022 World Cup ends the countdown to the start of the final stage and with that, all eyes are on the favorite teams and the players called to be the stars of the tournament to be .

It will take about a month with our eyes on both Qatar and the television screens not to miss even the smallest detail of the biggest competition in the sport that will produce a single champion and which will be shown in Colombia through various platforms. .

Channels broadcasting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in Colombia

There will be three channels authorized by FIFA to convey all the emotions of the World Cup in the country, two in open signal, RCN and Caracol and one in closed signal, DirectTV.

Both Caracol and RCN are available on all cable operators in the country, as well as DTT signals, while it is necessary for DirecTV to purchase a subscription from that company.

As for the broadcasting of matches live online over the internet, it can be done through the official pages, and The DirecTV GO app will also be available, compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Distribution of matches by channel

The following is the distribution of the matches between the three channels licensed to broadcast in Colombia. It’s worth remembering that DirecTV will have the 64 championship games, some of which will be exclusive and will not be seen on open television.

For their part, Caracol and RCN will have a minimum of 24 games, waiting for the Round of 16 and Quarterfinal games to determine which will be broadcast on their official broadcasts.

Channels Colombia World Cup Qatar 2022DirectTV

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