ABC: arms company received a package similar to the one that exploded at the Ukrainian embassy 04:23

In Zaragoza, Spain, arms company Instalaza received a letter similar to the one that exploded at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid on October 30. newspaper reports A B C refer to the local police.

The company was delivered an envelope with characteristics similar to the one that exploded at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​the Zaragoza General Police Department reported to the newspaper.

Law enforcement officials noted that the detonator did not work.

Experts who came to the scene carried out a controlled explosion. The remains of the envelope are currently being collected to analyze and determine the contents of the choline.

According to the newspaper, Instalaza manufactures grenade launchers sent by the Spanish government to Ukraine.

Explosion in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid dead November 30 at around 1:00 am local time (15:00 Moscow time). An embassy employee was injured as a result of the explosion. According to a law enforcement official from the newspaper La Vanguardia, the homemade explosive was in an envelope containing a letter addressed to the Ukrainian Ambassador, Sergei Pogoreltsev.

Source: Gazeta


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