One month after bending United States of America (number one in the world) in Pamplona, ​​​ Spain by Jorge Vilda Another great performance this Friday against Argentina melilla (7-0). In an unprecedented duel, the Spaniards prevailed throughout and consolidated their good feelings on the preparatory course. Australia and New Zealand World Cupwill happen next summer.

The superiority of Vilda’s team, whose players still did not oppose his management, was seen in a short time. Alba RoundThe Levante striker opened the goal after a nice pass in the 20th minute. Maite Oroz, Real Madrid player making 2-0.

fantastic premiere

old athlete Salma ParallueloThe only Barça player in the roster scored the next three goals in a great first game with the top team, the first two goals almost in a row (m. 36 and 38) and the third goal, claiming to be 5-0 Spain in the 50th minute.

Barça’s striker was substituted in the 54th minute and received a standing ovation from the Municipal Álvarez Claro tribune, which was attended by 3,119 people. Athenea del Castillo and Inma Gabarro They closed the festival. Time for a new friendship against Tuesday Japan in Sevilla.