Goal in the last second of the match Bianca Bazaliu Surprising the Spanish goalkeeper Maddi Aalla with a throw from 12 meters, he sentenced ‘Guerreras’ to a heavy defeat (28-27) against Romania. Jose Ignacio Prades They deserved a better result.

But neither the sensational defense work of the Spanish team nor the sensational performance of the center Silvia ArderiusGiving a whole lesson on how to help his better off teammate, he prevented the Spanish team’s defeat, which greatly complicated their options to reach the semi-finals. European.

A fight for medals, in which the Spanish team looks ready to contend after a match in which José Ignacio Prades showed his team’s mental strength once again, not only to overcome the many setbacks they have experienced in this championship, but also to Put a force like Romania on the ropes.

Aware of lateral danger Cristina NeaguThe top scorer in the history of the European Championships, the Spanish team did not hesitate to bet on a very clear defense from the start to avoid whipping the Romanian “gunboat”.

But the problem for José Ignacio Prades’ men was that Romania’s attack was not only reduced to Neagu’s long-range shots, but he also had a terrific center in their ranks. Crina Pintea.

A situation that makes the defense work sterile ‘Guerrera’s since the Spanish players went out to block Neagu’s shot, pivot Pintea found the necessary gaps to cross the Spanish frame and took the goal from Neagu when they took shelter at the six meter line.

Twelve minutes later it was quite problematic for the Spanish team to see the Romanian team double their opponent (6-3) on the scoreboard. Three goals from Cristina Neagu, three from Crina Pintea.

No possibility to recover balls in defenseThe Spanish team also had to make repeated attacks in positional attack, a facet in which Prades’ team was once again the victim of constant turnovers.

Only with an introduction to the trail of the young pivot Lysa Tchaptchet, Spain, only 19 years old, seemed to have found a solution to their offensive problems.

Two goals and two penalties caused by the Navarran center playing in the ranks of the European champions, Kristians and Vipers The Norwegian allowed the ‘Guerreras’ to hold onto the match (10-8).

An improvement in offense, which finds continuity in the outstanding performance of the young goalkeeper nicole wigThe player who played in the first match of the European Championship, great future ahead With six saves, he allowed Spain to stay behind just one goal (12-11) on the leaderboard.

However, Tchaptchet’s two-minute exclusion was enough for José Ignacio Prades’ men to see each other once more. three point handicap (15-12) on the scoreboard.

Despite this, however, the Spanish team did not give up to get closer, continuing to rely on their defensive work, the historical pillar of the ‘Guerreras’ success. a Romania that is starting to feel tired.

The huge Pintea he tried, especially after taking five shots in the first half, was simply missed the first stepbut he lost the ball in the next game.

The failures that allowed Spain to workA factor (18-19) that allows the ‘Gerreras’ not only to level the match, but also to take the lead on the scoreboard for the first time in the match.

And the Spanish team found the formula to beat Romania. physically strangling Florentin Pera He demonstrated his ability to play ‘Guerreras’ at maximum speed with a frenetic pace of play, in which central defender Silvia Arderius played a key role.

The vision of the game on which Arderius’ Spanish team, who joined just a few hours ago, concentrated. Alicia Fernandez injury, ability to help his best teammate with impossible passes.

An improvement in offense, which did not lessen the defensive intensity of the Spanish team, which continued to bite the Romanian players, encouraged rebounds that allowed Spain to enter the final six minutes of the match with a win. revenue of two goals (23-25).

But all the Spanish team’s effectiveness in the second half was watered down by two unsuccessful shots at the worst moment. Kaba Gassama, who hit the ball on the crossbar and Jennifer Gutierrez the player who missed a penalty, condemning the ‘Guerreras’ never to be seen again on the scoreboard (26-25).

Quite tested maturity Unable to respond better despite the occasional controversial referee’s decision, the Spanish team reached the final seconds with options to equalize the score.

But what purpose Esther Arrogeria, Set 27-27 with nine seconds left, this could have prevented the ‘Guerreras’ defeat, who saw it as a far-off final launch. Bianca Bazaliu He entered the Spanish goal by touching the goalkeeper’s hands Material Aala.

Data sheet:

28 – Romania: Pleasant; Seraficeanu (-), Pristavita (1), Buceschi (6, 1p), Neagu (5, 1p), Tanasie (-) and Pintea (7) -first team- Dumanska (ps), Ciuca (ps), Bazaliu (3 ), Dindiligan (-), Badea (2), Ostase (-), Lixandroiu (-), Lupei (-), and Grozav (4)

27 – Spain: wigs; Valdivia (1), Arcos (3), Gassama (3), Lara González (4), Barbosa (-) and Sole López (2) -first team- Aalla (ps), Campos (1), Arrojeria (2), Arderius (1), Jennifer Gutiérrez (4, 2p), Etxeberria (2), Spugnini (-), Almudena Rodríguez (1) and Tchaptchet (3)

Marker every five minutes: 3-2, 4-3, 7-5, 8-6, 11-8 and 12-11 (Timeout) 14-12, 15-15, 19-20, 21-20, 24-25 and 28-27 ( Final)

referees: Özren Backovic and Mirko Palackovic (TİG). For Romania they excluded Ostase (2) and Pristavita for two minutes; and Tchaptchet for Spain.

Events: The match, which coincided with the first day of the second stage of the European Championship in Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, was played at the Boris Trajkovski Arena in Skopje.