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Master move. There is no more. The announcement made public this Tuesday by the head of Consell can be described as such, Ximo Puig, in the framework of general policy discussion At a time when parties on both sides are locked in a fierce financial war, and the debate revolves around whether, after all, more taxes should be levied on the rich or, on the contrary, whether taxes should be abolished. wealth taxPuig goes and becomes the vanguard of the left, slaps the Government on the wrist. Pedro Sanchez including. in a context inflation The head of the Generalitat, which has spread with cascading interest rates, limited salaries, and an indefinite horizon to say the least, Tax refund For practical purposes, according to data processed by Consell, this will affect all residents of the Community earning less than 60,000 euros, almost universal and democratic, which means 1.3 million people and 97.4% of taxpayers. Moreover, with the nuance that, at least in Tuesday’s session, there was no mention of tax increases to the rest of the taxpayers who, in theory, paid the most. When certain sections of the left, and even famous pundits, argue that those who have the most right now are all about contributing more, it’s no small thing, they stay the same. Conclusion: nobody loses, everybody wins. Of course, some earn more than others. For many, the tax cut will barely cover a few coffees a month, but Puig’s victory is clear, at least for now. One point earned with tax deduction for everyone Income less than 60.000 Euro with a very limited incidence for many taxpayers and also for regional coffers: around 150 million Euros. With one other exception: the effect will be delayed in the following cases. personal income tax The rental campaign will expire at the end of June 2023. Until that time, elections They must have been caught already. It is likely that there is even an Executive already, repeat Ximo Puig or there is a change in Consell.

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