The companies are uniting to denounce the “exclusion of the Northwest” from rail axes in Europe and to ask the central government to “fix it”.

this business unites and takes action “against the exclusion of the Northwest”. of the main railway nodes in Spain, which has just been reflected in the Mercancías 30 plan of the Ministry of Transport. leaves Galicia, Asturias Y Lion Outside the map of European railways. Luis Javier Cepedano, presidents of Leon employer associations; María Calvo from Asturias and Juan Manuel Vieites from Galicia held a meeting this morning in the capital, Leon, and agreed to request a meeting with the minister Raquel Sánchez. “We can’t afford this the government leaves a quarter of the country”removed the president of the Asturian Entrepreneurs Federation (FADE).

The Mercancías 30 plan defined a map of Spain’s main nodes for their connection with the priority European rail freight axes, of which Leon, Asturias and Galicia, although initially in the Atlantic Corridor, are not part. The nodes specified by the Spanish Government are Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Vitoria and Valladolid. “This document says that the remaining regions are those that create a lot of activity, but are smaller in size and capacity than their predecessors, so they will require more comprehensive actions,” said Luis Javier Cepedano. “That doesn’t mean they have to be perfectly defined as nodes,” said the president of the Leonese employers association. The exclusion of this interstate intermodality scheme means that Asturias, Galicia and Leon are far from being seen as a priority to receive European funding for the development of the continent’s rail highways. “this european funds they should serve to bring us closer and not widen the chasm that separates us.Luis Javier Cepedano brought up María Calvo when calling for the application of “regional harmonization criteria” in the distribution of European funds for the development of rail transport axes.

Juan Manuel Vieites, head of the Galician Confederation of Businessmen, warned that “we don’t want to be a second intermodal” demanding that the central government “defend the Northwest Corridor with the same enthusiasm as the others”. with a clear allusion to the Mediterranean. “It presupposes a comparative crime that we will not allow,” argued Vieites, who has drawn up part of the roadmap that the employers of Asturias, León and Galicia will hand over to the central government. Minister Raquel Sanchez. “There is a need for a master plan for the Northwest and the Atlantic Corridor and a government commissioner who coordinates the delivery of projects for all European financing,” said the Galician businessman.

Asturian María Calvo denounced that this exclusion “presumes the isolation of our regions and will only aggravate our problems of aging and depopulation.” Despite both Galicia and León already having high speed and its arrival in Asturias scheduled for May 2023, Cepedano is clear on why the Northwest was excluded from the priority nodes map in Spain. regions have been fighting for more than four years not to be excluded from the European Union’s (U) priority transport axes. “I put it down the national political situation tends to one side, not the other. Colleagues in government have more commitment to the Mediterranean than to the Northwest. I think the shots are more there”, concluded the head of Leonese businessmen.

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