Spain and 14 other countries pressure the European Commission to put a cap on the price of gas

Spain and 14 other countries put pressure on the EU European Commission put a cap on the price gas, at the doors of the Extraordinary Council of Energy Ministers to be held in Brussels this Friday. In a letter addressed to Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, they urgently address “the most serious issue: the wholesale price of natural gas.” “The ceiling price demanded by an increasing number of Member States from the beginning, The only measure that will help each Member State to reduce inflationary pressuremanaging expectations and providing a framework in case of potential supply disruptions, as well as limit unexpected profits In the sector”, according to the letter put forward by Politico to which El Periódico de Catalunya has access.

This Friday, the 27th energy ministers must give final approval to the European Commission’s revised emergency response proposal. limit unexpected profits that marginal technologies such as renewables or nuclear are acquired, a tax (“solidarity contribution”) to oil and gas companies, and a reduction in electricity consumption during the most expensive hours of the day. Twenty-seven governments are putting a touch on this. text for weeks to find a satisfactory document for everyone.

The Czech presidency made a presentation on Monday new offer will be discussed at embassy level this Wednesday and provide more flexibility measures to make compliance clearer at the national level. For example, oil and gas taxMember States are exempt from applying it if they have it. equivalent national measureswith the understanding that they cover activities in the same sectors, have extra earnings as their purpose, or are guaranteed to be used for a purpose comparable to the European ‘solidarity contribution’, among other conditions.

But on his initiative Belgium, Greece and Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia They are asking Brussels to introduce a “proposition” that limits the price of gas on Friday, followed by a “legislative proposal as soon as possible”. The idea of ​​putting a maximum price on gas is not new, the European Commission thought weeks ago to set a cap on the price of gas imported through the pipeline from Russia, but the idea aroused suspicion in some capitals and was not included in the European Commission. A draft of the proposed regulation, which will be put to a vote of ministers this Friday.

In this sense, this group of countries insists on the letter ceiling “should apply to all wholesale natural gas transactions and is not limited to imports from certain jurisdictions”. That is, it is not limited to Russian gas only. And it proposes to “design it in such a way as to guarantee security of supply and free gas flow within Europe”. “This ceiling is a priority and can be complemented by proposals to strengthen financial control of the gas market and develop alternative criteria for gas pricing in Europe,” he adds.

In the medium term, Brussels has more problems on the table. Therefore, the Commission needs to decide what to do with electricity market reform and CO2 rights market reform in the coming months, two demands it has promised to work on but still seem to have not been agreed upon. get consensus. It should also respond to companies’ lack of liquidity by making a change to their financial guarantee requirements.

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