Ciudadanos reaches out to bipartisanship to make deals for health and youth

In her second speech as mayor in the general policy debate, Ciudadanos spokesperson Ruth Merino reached out to bipartisanship to achieve great success. regional agreements for health and youth. The Liberals’ representative also blamed the “excessive bureaucracy that dragged the Generalitat”, which he proposed limiting the number of ministries to statutes. For example, Merino proposed that the Ministry of Housing be demoted to the general directorate, as the People’s Party has done in recent weeks. Likewise, he criticized Consell’s “vigilance” in making his claims for the Valencian Community, citing as examples the defense of the Tajo-Segura transfer or regional financing reform.

this trustee of cs After having to go to the hospital due to an eye disease caused by high blood pressure in the morning, he started his speech with applause from the whole hall as he joined the discussion. “It won’t be my best speech, but it was important that I was here,” he started a speech in which he asserted the importance of great agreements between parties, so he extended his hand to Generalitat chairman Ximo Puig. . Similarly, he regretted Valencian Community “When it comes to the negatives it is on the top of the table and when it comes to the positive it is at the bottom.”

in matters healthRecalling the recent warnings by Síndic de Greuges, it has had an impact on the problem of waiting lists. Concerning Puig’s eighty morning announcements, he explained that they represented “self-promotion and propaganda extremism”, especially when “the path to follow is unknown”. Merino also made it clear that the pre-election climate was remarkable, as the president’s announcements increased by thirty percent compared to last year. It has been particularly critical for advertisements. Tajo-Segura defense and demand for financing reform. “They’re arriving a year late, and the lukewarm ahead of Sánchez will bring neither water nor finances,” he added.

In terms of education, the fact that schools and institutes are suffering from ordeal has brought it into a half-cycle. barracksquestions Puig’s announcement of the end of these structures. Another recurring theme throughout the day during the discussion is the forest fires in the Community of Valencia this summer. In this sense, he stated that the authorities to prevent and extinguish fires should be gathered in a single ministry. Likewise, he criticized the Valencian territory “despite the fact that it has more”. european funds, more taxes, more advisors and more debt” has “less renewable energy, less efficiency and less freedom”. Finally, he lamented the financial pressure from Consell, recalling that Generalitat’s budget has increased 59% since Botànic’s arrival in 2015.

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