Socialist councilor Fanny Serrano de Torrevieja goes to the non-affiliated

socialist councilor Fanny Serrano registered at Torrevieja Town Hall this Thursday. non-affiliated councillor status. After this decision was formalized, the socialist municipal group that started this post with five mayors now remains with three mayors as Rodolfo Carmona, a mayor elected in 2019, again under the acronym PSOE, decided to leave in July. .

An urban planning lawyer and PSOE activist for over two decades, Serrano has been a councilor of the PSOE in Torrevieja since 2011. Before that, he was in La Vila Joiosa for four years. He served as provincial deputy in 2015-2019, becoming the first deputy mayor and councilor for Torrevieja Town Planning in a progressive coalition government that grouped the five parties as minorities and replaced the People’s Party. Serrano’s decision is also a Trusted person of PSPV, He held advisory positions in the county council, city councils, and the party itself.

During his current tenure, currently in the opposition ranks, the municipal group denied co-spokesperson status so that it could intervene in plenary sessions – interventions characterized by a strong critical component that always kept the popular ranks on the alert – and removed it for a year as part of information commissions.

To the surprise of the members of the PP government team and the PSOE councilors themselves, He regained his presence and voice in these college bodies by intervening first thing in the morning as councillor, unassigned mayor.

The transfer to this group of unaffiliated members – a condition the former PSOE Corporation already shares with three other mayors, Los Verdes and Vox – now takes place: local PSOE is going through a new internal crisis. A crisis facing Andrés Navarro, the spokesperson and secretary general for the mayoral candidacy in the next municipal elections, and Andrés Antón, the Organisation’s councilor and secretary.

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