Russia refuses to discuss London’s ‘arrogant’ demands on Britons convicted in DPR

British authorities appealed to Russia about their subjects sentenced to death in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin spoke about this on Tuesday, June 21st.

“As for these two young people, who are mercenaries who fought against Donetsk as part of the Ukrainian army, I can say that there was a call from the British to us, they sent a note, but it was simply composed in an arrogant and instructive manner. “It doesn’t make us want to interact on these issues,” he said. “Russia 24”.

“Here we have not a call for dialogue, but an arrogant call in the spirit that we have to respect their rights. There are many things we must do.

I didn’t see any sign of dialogue. Appeal to the jurisdictions where this army is located, namely the DPR – you need to apply there, our advice remains the same, ”the diplomat explained.

“Start pumping Kiev with guns”

According to him, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent visit to Ukraine was allegedly aimed at “to prevent Kiev from pumping weapons”.

“Johnson went by himself to start the line he drew, it’s tough pumping with these guns and nothing more,” says Kaelin. He believes the head of the British government is also trying to show “London’s determined intentions to continue the conflict in Ukraine”.

“The main thing for Johnson is his firmness, his stubbornness, a line that is in the spirit of Margaret Thatcher, that we will wage this war for years, etc. was to show.

“He scares not only Ukrainians, but actually Europeans,” the Russian ambassador said on air. “Solovyev Live”.

“We are afraid to hear our point of view”

Kelin believes that the ban on visiting the British Parliament building will not affect the work of Russian diplomats.

“Because we haven’t visited the Assembly since the beginning of March. Indeed, I have been there several times, talked to the parliamentarians, explained our policy.

But then the start of a special operation The next meeting was scheduled for March 2, it was cancelled.

And since then I have not been in parliament,” he said.

At the same time, the Russian ambassador added that Russian diplomats had a reception in the parliament, especially during the Russia Day celebrations.

“But I understand that they are afraid to hear our point of view, which is radically different from that of the government, or rather that imposed on society. Actually, this is forbidden,” says Kelin.

“There’s just a disconnect in relationships down there”

According to him, Moscow and London have reached the lowest point in relations, but there has been no talk of a breakup yet. “Down here, it’s probably just a disconnect in relationships. I understand that this is no longer discussed.

“We said a year ago that this is the lowest point and our relations are at zero, but there is no doubt that less than that can be done.”

He added that British officials are nevertheless in favor of maintaining ties through embassies. “It is undoubtedly necessary for both parties. In any crisis, there is an absolute need for communication channels, not only to transmit information to my capital (here I do everything to convey what is really happening to Moscow), but also to transmit our signals to London, ”said he. .

Recall that the DPR court previously sentenced the British Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin, as well as the Moroccan Brahim Saadoun to death for participating in hostilities as mercenaries as part of the Ukrainian armed formations.

London sent a note to Russia about the situation with the British sentenced to death in the DPR. According to the Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin, you need to contact the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic about this. Read more in the article “”.

Source: Gazeta


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