this handball benidorm announced this Tuesday that he has signed the fifth signing of the squad for his next season in the league. Asobal League, King’s Cup and European competition. The team’s new supplement Fernando Latorre is heInternational left winger with Serbia Mladen Sotic from Vojvodinawas declared the champion of his country.

to them 27 yearsA young player of quality and still growing capacity, hoping to explode in Benidorm and in the Spanish league.

sothic 1.85 tall, 75 kilos and in recent years it has been included in the plans of the society. Serbian national teamWho did I argue with last? European championshipat the beginning of the year, Hungary and Slovakia. He is a player who stands out with his speed and efficiency and should add a lot to the Benidorm team both in defense and offense.

Serbian international you have already had the opportunity to visit the citywent to sign the contract and I am very happy to be a part of Benidorm Handball, which finished very well in the Spanish League last season and will play in the next EHF Europa League. Heard the best things about the club, the players and the city. I really want to play for my new team,” says the team’s new winger.

Coach Fernando Latorre also highlights the good qualities of Mladen Sotic: «He is among the top two or three left wingers in Serbia, a country with a tradition of handball.. He is known as a fixture on his team and has great shooting quality. Additionally, it can contribute to improved vulnerability defenses. We expect a lot from him,” says the coach of the Benidorm team.

Fifth signature

Sotic is the fifth signing of the squad after the goalkeeper. samuel ibanezfrom Cuenca; Argentine Ramiro MartinezComing from Sinfín Santander and also playing on the left wing; lithuania side Rolandas Bernatonis, from playing in Hungary; and the Portuguese Ruben SanchezWho is playing on the front?

With this inclusion of the Serbian international, Handball Benidorm practically ensures that the squad is closed in the absence of a young player who could end up halfway between the main team and the side team.

Benidorm club also at the expense of Pepe Oliver’s medical evolution should he be forced to sign a substitute.

The team consists of goalkeepers: Roberto Rodriguez and Samuel Ibanez. Extremes: Ivan Nikcevic, Iván Rodríguez, Ramiro Martínez and Mladen Sotic. Pivots: Iker Serrano and Pepe Oliver. And the first lines: Rolandas Bernatonis, Colo Vainstein, Jules Lignieres, James Parker, Carlos Grau, Rubén Santos and Eduardo Calle; in addition to the young Santi Barceló, Juancar Sempere or Dani Lara.

The team, which will start preparations with medical tests on August 1, will start training with a campaign that looks challenging but will face great excitement from now on.