Trump got into an argument with the judge 22:44

New York Judge Lewis Kaplan threatened former US President Donald Trump with being kicked out of the courtroom if he continued to interfere with the hearing, but Trump said he would gladly leave. TV channel reports this CNN.

The court is considering a civil lawsuit filed by author Elizabeth Carroll, who accuses Trump of harassment and slander. For the first time in May 2023, the court demanded that Trump pay $ 5 million to the writer, and later the woman changed this amount to $ 10 million. The particular reason for this was the politician’s words on CNN, where he called Carroll. It was stated that he was crazy and that his statements were “fake and fabricated” and that the case against him was a “fraudulent agreement”.

Carroll’s defense complained to the judge that Trump’s angry comments in the courtroom could be heard by jurors, which could influence their views.

“As I have been advised, this right can be forfeited, and if it is offensive, it can be forfeited. And if he ignores the court’s orders, Mr. Trump, I hope I won’t have to consider removing you from the court,” Kaplan said.

Trump said he would be happy with this outcome.

Former US President Donald Trump gone From the federal courthouse in New York, where the trial of the case of writer Elizabeth Jean Carroll is taking place.

Previously Trump compared I’m with Al Capone.

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