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“Cs’ leadership made a huge mistake that should be held accountable”


Dome is a question to ask c.I skipped regional or to Madrid. It was Borja González, secretary of the Organization of Cs, who came to tell me to stay out of the way or else they would fire me, me, and the provincial secretaries of Institutional Action and Organization, César Martínez and Chechu Herrero. They didn’t behave well, they got us through a lot and the representation of Diputación, the most important institution we manage in the Community, was beheaded.

Were you surprised by the decisions taken?

Our regional coordinator Maria MunozHe did not step into the Diputación or Alicante City Council. I feel sorry for continuing to be the spokesperson for the C’s in the provincial institution and request this work from autonomous positions. They didn’t tell me the reason for their dismissal, they just said they wanted to calm things down after what happened in Orihuela.

Has criticizing the Orihuela movement hurt you, exactly?

Damaged cs. The party was unable to react to the motion that it received information from me three weeks before it took place. There are positions like Juan Ignacio López-Bas, María Muñoz, and Teresa Ortiz that hide their heads like ostrich. They didn’t want to know what was going on orihuela and bargain in dark rooms.

From time to time, he could also damage the closeness he showed with PP…

I’ve been managing for three years with PP in Diputación and two years with PSOE in Xixona. Breakfast with the socialist mayor of Xixona and comrades of the PP in Diputación. This is the C’s DNA to provide stability to governments. Let the accusations I mentioned tell me this. PP or PSOE they are our enemies. We come to politics to rule, and our rhetoric makes mistakes.

He cannot deny that he has a very important relationship with Carlos Mazón…

This is completely true. As I continued with other lawmakers, the mayor, and councilors of the Xixona government team. We came to give from cs stabilitythat is, to be in the center.

What will happen in its formation from this moment on?

The first thing they have to do is appoint the new provincial committee. I was badly surprised that they didn’t already have the chosen people and rushed to separate me. It was crushed by the nerves of someone I don’t know. What they do is a tuber insect and those who made the decisions will be held accountable. Teresa Ortiz will have to make appropriate explanations, because her statements today do not convince us. You did not explain the reasons for our dismissal.

Will it continue to militate in cs?

He doesn’t know me who thinks that in a situation with these features, he will hide his head like the others. I’m still waiting for the regional coordinator and the Organization Secretary’s statements. Neither of them called me and Mr. López-Bas did not deign to answer me. This is the autonomous address we have. put me here Emilio Argueso Thus he spent four years managing the most important area of ​​the Provincial Assembly.

Do you see you giving way to PP?

Not now. what did we show PP and Cs government team in the provincial institution, the management model can be moved to higher levels. This is what I am advocating. Technically, we have demonstrated that we work in operations and reconciliation, in executing business plans, and in dialogue with the opposition. Cs did what it was supposed to do: manage and offer stability. This government team stayed together when Toni Cantó tried to destabilize Diputación.

Nerves in Cs ahead of this Sunday’s election?

I hope so John Marin To achieve the best possible outcome despite bad decisions made in political strategy. The problem we are experiencing is in the communication of our administration that does not reach the citizens. We should criticize it. If we don’t get a good result, it’s time to question the political strategy and call for the dismissal of the decision makers.

How would you describe your current relationship with Julia Parra?

I blindly trust him. It has been preserved as a province. culture reference national in the most difficult moments of the pandemic. At the party level, she’s from Sant Joan and I’m from Xixona, so we’ve known each other for a long time.

With Adrian Santos?

We both belong to the same professional industry, so we had a close relationship. The only thing that separates us is that under these circumstances, he took the side that wanted me out of office and made an offer to me. answer blank. There has been little connection between us lately.

What will your deal be with the cs dome?

That’s a question to them, I’m still in the same place. when i was introduced new charges I will tell you how the relationship will be. Because for the moment, they took us away and there is no structure. Theirs would have been to remove some and put in some, but in this case it did not. The longer new appointments take, the more vulnerable we MPs and legislators will feel.

Do you feel the support of the Cs councilors in the province?

I will not consider myself a martyr or say that everyone supports me. What will not change is my opinion. I got into cs with some values still in my head. The day these values ​​affect me at my job in Diputación, I will reconsider whether I should continue the party. For me, politics is a bracket in my life, not a tool as it is for others.

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