This Friday, June 17, NBC will air first interview heard amber after being judged Johnny Depp was ordered to pay the actor $15 million. And despite the bloody judicial battle against her ex-husband, Aquaman’s translator assured in a preview of this conversation that she still loves Depp.


  • Amber Heard gives her first interview after the verdict: “I don’t blame the jury”

Savannah Guthrie told Heard, “You published a statement on the first day of the trial saying, ‘I still love Johnny.’ Is that still true after all?” “Yes definitely. I want him. i loved him with all my heart‘ he admitted.

I tried my best to make our deeply broken relationship work, but I couldn’t. I have no bad feelings or bad intentions towards him. definitely. I know this will be hard to understand, but it’s easy to tell if you love someone or not.”

Also, Guthrie spoke of Depp’s text messages promising “total global humiliation” for Heard. “I know he promised and apparently he did,” the artist said. “Whatever I do, what I say, how I say it, it scares me that every step I take is an opportunity to silence myself,” he said.We were terrible to each other. I made a lot of mistakes, I made a lot of mistakes. But I always told the truth. I told the truth to the government and paid the price,” he said.

In the interview, Guthrie also asked Heard if his intention for his article in The Washington Post was to have Depp terminated and lose his job. “Of course not. It wasn’t about him,” she explained.

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Amber Heard will appeal: “I was heartbroken because the mountain of evidence wasn’t enough to face the force”

Another issue NBC covered is why Heard, who was allegedly assaulted by Depp during their relationship, chose not to blame Depp. “I did not want to cooperate with the police, as I testified before and will do until the day I die. I didn’t want this to come out. I didn’t want it to be known. I didn’t want to cooperate with them because I didn’t want to get in trouble,” he admitted. “Five days later I decided to stand up and protect myself,” he added.

Heard also denied statements from a TMZ employee who claimed they had been informed ahead of time that he would appear in court and which side of his face he would have bruises on. “I didn’t warn her or anyone around me,” the actress said.