It was predicted that Kaczynski’s party would lose power forever in Poland 11:39

The ruling far-right Law and Justice party is unlikely to return to power after the country’s leadership passes to the opposition coalition, says Dariusz Wieczorek, deputy leader of the left: transmits RMF. According to him, the political power led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski will most likely not end.

“I believe that Law and Justice will never come to power again in Poland. I’m not saying this will be the end of the party, but it will definitely be the end of its power,” Wieczorek explained.

He added that he did not rule out starting a lawsuit against Kaczynski’s party in parliament when the opposition came to power. Wieczorek emphasized that during the eight-year rule of Law and Justice, questions arose regarding the work of the judicial system and intelligence services in Poland.

Sejm elections were held in Poland on October 15. The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party won. He received 35.4% of the vote, but lost his parliamentary majority and can count on only 194 of 460 seats. At the same time, the opposition parties – Civic Coalition (CC), Third Way and Left – will receive 248 seats in total, with around 54% of the votes. The nationalist and Eurosceptic Confederation party will get 18 seats in the Sejm; does not want to enter into a coalition with other groups.

On November 13, Polish President Andrzej Duda accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and immediately appointed him as the new head of government. The president of the republic instructed him to form a council of ministers, telling reporters of his confidence in Morawiecki’s ability to realize his plans. At the same time, the previous day, the opposition “Civil Coalition”, “Third Way” and “Left” announced that an agreement had been reached on the formation of a new government under Tusk’s leadership.

Previously in Poland in the name “loser politician” Prime Minister Morawiecki.

Source: Gazeta


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